How Halo Has Spawned A ‘Type Of Animated Pornography’

How Halo Has Spawned A ‘Type Of Animated Pornography’

It’s called “Machinera”. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg of yet another painfully funny post over on parody site Christwire.

By the end, you’ll see Halo revealed for what it is: a “Nietzschean New World Order” recruitment tool, played by dehumanised robots on their Xbox shooting consoles.

You’ll also see how the Covenant aren’t alien bad guys, they’re the Evangelical Christians of America, and that the Halo is actually “God’s Kingdom of Grace on earth that players try desperately to escape”.

Wonderful stuff.

Halo, the video game That Trains Your Teens to Fight for the Nietzschean New World Order [Christwire]


  • The author of the linked ‘article’ openly admits to never having played or even seen the game.

    Shooting fish in a barrel is easy, but hardly sporting.

  • In short, Christwire is a satirical/parody website – but it is mostly designed for Americans, caught up in some religious fervour, or otherwise too eager to believe anything they’re told rather than do some actual investigation themselves.

    Of course, all Luke Plunkett’s other articles have displayed such dedication to journalism, so I that’s why I was a little confused.

    • It does feel like it was a parody, particularly after closer inspection… after I left my comment above I clicked back over to the article to look at the site more closely and just looking at the ads made my head spin. It can’t be done in earnest… 😛

      But, then again… there are crazier people out there, so it’s hard to tell when dealing with the Internets

        • See? I’m no good at Internetting. I read the first several comments on an article having not read the article yet. I go to sites without looking at any of the advertisements or sidebars. I skip crucial words simply because formatting unfortunately placed them at the end of a line. 😛 I’m failing all over this place…

          and mother said I’d grow out of it…

  • I know I’m a bit late but I just can’t read a pile of that much ill-researched BS. I know it’s meant to be a Parody, of mindless hate mongering but ugh I just can’t read that site it makes me think that out there are stupid people who beleive this nonsense and that makes me sad.

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