I Used To Like Skyrim Memes Just Like You Until...

The The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim arrow to the knee meme is so 2011. It's now 2012. The future. Time for new a meme.

Or at least, time to rehash last year's.

This above quip was apparently spotted in Star Wars: The Old Republic by reader Katniss Everdeen @ Rubat Crystal server. No, that's not his real name.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was released this past Dec. It features slavery, torture, and forced voyeurism, which is exactly how I feel about Episodes I to III.

I Used to Be a Field Operative Just Like You... [YouTube]


    I'll probably be the first to say it. I have only heard that line ONCE in the 80+ hours of Skyrim. I also heard "took a sword to the stomach".

      Personlly, I find that bandits have funnier things to say.
      "One day, I'm gonna buy myself an island." It was something similar to that.

    Same here, ive played about 50 hours and heard the forbidden phrase about 11 or so time but i always get the sweet roll though

    still i always laugh when a good one pops up :D

    I'm Commander Shepherd, and Arrow to the Knee is my favourite meme on the citadel...

    I don't think I've ever head the arrow to the knee line while I played Skyrim

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