Ibb And Obb Just Became My (Second) Most Anticipated Game Of The Year

There's a number of reasons why this game has just charmed the pants off me (not that I was wearing pants to begin with). The first is the art style, which is charming, but lots of games have charming art styles. It's the art combined with some really slick co-op style platforming mechanics. Think of it as a 2D version of co-op portal with some Mario Galaxy schizophrenic platforming mixed in.

It's being released on the PSN this year, with a PC release coming afterwards.

Thanks Joystiq


    Wow, a 2D trailer that has some structure.

    Wow, that looks tremendous. Will definitely be picking it up :)

    Wow, looks really cool. Definitely on my radar now.

    Also I think we should discuss your pants issues Mark. Is your reluctance to wear pants a psychological cry for help? Does the covering inhibit your personal freedoms? Did a pair of pants spill your Pepsi? You are not alone Mark, Kotaku is here to help.

      This is why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU6gVGWjvuU

    Very cool, however I'm guessing coop only?

    >Think of it as a 2D version of co-op portal
    Pretty much the exact vibe I was getting.

    What's your first most anticipated game?


        Hey Mark, you do realize that to play Journey you're going to need to go online with your PS3. And that will mean having to update to the latest firmware. At that point, you will no longer be able to avoid my PSN friend request!

        Oh yeah I forgot about that bad boy, thanks Sughly! Btw the game looks sweet Mark!

    Wondering if there will be a singleplayer component? The co-op looks great and I hope people keep trying different things with co-op, but if a game requires a second person to play it that's pretty (commercially) silly.

      thomas, leave that up to the game developers to worry about. If they feel this is the best direction for their game to create a unique and enjoyable experience, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

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