Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: Trials HD DLC!

As you may remember, the Kotaku offices were invaded by a horde of awesome members of the Kotaku community bearing gifts. Turns out the gifts weren't just for us — Kotaku Kristmas Project leader Chuloopa actually gathered up loads of extra stuff to giveaway to Kotaku readers, today he's giving away codes for Trials HD DLC!

Take it away Mr Loops.

Hey there sports fans!

It's Fruit-'Loops here, once again, with yet another AWESOME give-away!

Today is a little something that's close to the heart of our very own community regular, Fatshady.

The ULTRA-AWESOME chaps over at RedLynx are here to hand out not just one, but BOTH the "Big Pack" And "Big Thrills" DLC for the critically acclaimed Trials HD on Xbox Live!

If, at this point, you're screaming at your monitor "BUT CHULOOPA! I NO HAS TRIALS HD!!!". BUY IT, FOOL! It'll be the best money you've ever spent! EVER!

Both these sets are valued at 400MSP each, so if you haven't gotten around to picking these up just yet, now is a great oppertunity to score them for nichts, thanks to the folks at RedLynx.

What's in both of these packs? Let's take a closer look:

The Big pack: This Big Pack introduces 35 completely new tracks: 23 racing tracks and 12 skill game tracks. Five new tournaments include all the new tracks. For level designers the Big Pack provides more than 50 new crazy physics objects: car, rocket turbine, gravity field, wind, motor and many others! Three new fun achievements to unlock worth 50 extra gamerscore. Fasten your helmet and prepare for serious bruises!

Big Thrills: Thrill for more Trials HD! This second DLC for the award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade game includes 40 all new tracks, including the 10 best user-created tracks from the Big Thrills contest. There are also 3 new achievements you can unlock for 50 more Gamerscore.

I have 5 sets of codes ready to hand out! This means each winner gets BOTH 'The Big Pack' and 'Big Thrills'. Winners are advised to take leave and stock up on spare controllers!

So what do you have to do to win? Simple. IT'S HAIKU TIME!

All you have to do is write the most Trials-y haiku you can possibly manage! The 5 best entries take the spoils!

Best of luck to everyone :)

Drop your entries in the comments below, and we'll announce the winners January 12. Good luck everyone!

Terms and conditions can be found here.


    Steady on the gas
    Think I can do one.. more... flip...
    OH NO! Broken neck.

    I make this bike dance,
    but success comes at a price,
    Thumb has fallen off.

    Trigger, trigger, lean!
    Release, lean, trigger trigger
    Brake, crap! Lean, cra-BOOM!

    ^^Story of my Trials career

    With fire and failure
    Red rage clutches me closely
    Press Start to begin

    Oh NovaCascade
    Why you have no three sixty
    You miss out on prize


    This one's sort of a sequel to my entry from yesterday: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/01/kotaku-kristmas-giveaways-s-p-a-z/comment-page-2/#comment-496383

    The Pirate called Zed
    Started playing Trials instead
    What a bug-juice-face...

    Nice works loops. Thanks again to RL staff for donating this prize... I dont need to say how much i love this game... but I suggest you get this now!.

    good luck everyone.

      Just dug up an old video of mine or one of the extreme DLC tracks... just so you know what you are in for!!!


        Oh and related to my vid above, here is what many of you will start out like


          After watching this one I think I have heard you say that you hate this game as many times as I have heard you say you love it

            Oh sorry, the second video was not me.. it was just a random dude on the net i found, and I got a kick out of watching it so posted it... I love it

      Shady IDK if you remember me but I finally got that Ultimate Endurance achievement. Havnt played since, although looking forward to the next one.

        Yeah I do mate, congrats. It is a really satisfying cheevo to get so well done. This is the type of game that you have to stick at. Ive really stopped playing now, but I still go back every now and again for a bit of fun.

    Have a perfect run
    Check friends score on leaderboard
    He's still beating me =(

    only one feeling
    like perfecting a hard run

    Free DLC please
    too many controllers thrown
    cant afford to buy

    Fatshady is out,
    but he would win if hes in,
    thank god he is not

    Back Back B B Back
    B B B Back Back B B
    B Back B B B

    I've got Trials HD,
    In that disc-based pack of three.
    But no Live yet. Hrm.

      Dammit I need an edit button. "No Live, woe is me" should've been the last line. Because I like rhyming.

    Vroom vroom goes the bike
    down the ramp and up the slide
    crash, burn, land on head..

    I look to myself,
    Important choice to be made,
    Blue outfit it is!

    Oh look, I am dead,
    I'll just re- no wait I'm dead,
    I think I'll go cry.

    pleasure and torment
    talent stretched endlessly
    deep riddle within

      Nice inclusion of the riddle in there.

      Dszg wl blf gsrmp gsv zmhdvi gl gsv Girzoh Irwwov rh?

    Backflip off the wall
    Careful balance up the hill
    No, don't mono - "back"

      I have no say in this but I actually really liked this one. Captures the game mentality perfectly... Nice one man.

    so close yet so far
    ev'ry bone broken!

    I will sit this one out
    I do not have the game yet
    Want it on PC!

    This is easy guys;
    Inferno 2 is done now
    * Makes a vid for Mark ;) *


    I have both prizes, so if I win, please donate my prize to LOOPS for an amazing effort in organizing everything to do with KKP!

    I'll leap so far now.
    Have ski-jump timing down pat.
    God damn, crashed on ramp.

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