Kotaku Kristmas Giveaways: Trials HD Winners

Now that we've run the last Kotaku Kristmas Project giveaway, all that's left is to announce the rest of the winners. Today: Trials HD!

And the winners are...

Crispy Steady on the gas Think I can do one.. more… flip… OH NO! Broken neck.

PuppyLicks I make this bike dance, but success comes at a price, Thumb has fallen off.

chickenplucka Backflip off the wall Careful balance up the hill No, don’t mono – “back”

abducta Free DLC please too many controllers thrown cant afford to buy

ShiggyNinty Fatshady is out, but he would win if hes in, thank god he is not

Congrats to all the winners!


    That is fan-FLIPPING-tastic! Thanks Kotaku and thanks 'loops!

    Hey noice! :D

      Oh yes I should probably thank Loops and KotakuAU for making this all happen, so THANKS GUYS :D :D :D

    Nice work everyone. One day, I might buy trials. At present, my wife has forbidden me from buying as preventative maintenance. If I don't play Trials, we prevent all kinds of percussive related collateral damage. :D

    Congrats guys. if anyone wants any tips on the new or existing tracks, send a FR to FatShady Live

    Hope you enjoy the new tracks, there are some great ones in there.

    I haven't played that game for close to a year and I still have nightmares...

    "Congratulations" to all the winners ;)

    Well done guys - congrats :)

    I didn't know we could simply ask for the prizes.

    Maybe that's how I'll win a 3DS.

    Thanks guys, I can look forward to many more hours or swearing and frustration now.

    Awesome, thanks guys !!
    I've checked my inbox and haven't seen anything, but I'll keep my eye out.
    Just when I was wondering what to play this weekend :)

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