Microsoft To Seize Fake Halo 4 Beta Domain

Microsoft To Seize Fake Halo 4 Beta Domain

Whether motivated by trolling or delusional wish fulfillment, some guy tossed up a page pretending to be a registration site for a Halo 4 multiplayer beta last week. 343 Industries, the game’s developer, quickly branded that as a fake, and the site was taken offline. That’s not good enough for Microsoft.

The company has filed a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum and has demanded that be transferred to its ownership. It should be an open-and-shut case, writes the domain watchdog Fusible, and it’s hard not to agree. Last year, in a similar case, Activision won ownership of from a troll who had set up that site to disparage the game and redirect visitors to the Battlefield 3 official page.

The standards to win this complaint probably will be the same as the ones in Activision’s: that causes confusion with a Microsoft trademark; that it was registered in bad faith and the owner has “no rights or legitimate interests” with respect to the domain. Sounds like yep, yep and yep.

After warning of fake Halo 4 Beta site, Microsoft files complaint over domain [Fusible]


  • Personally I think this stuff is BS someone didn’t do there job by not vaccuming up all the obvious domain names

    There should be some sort of payout for them even if it is only minimal

    • It not so much about it being a fake site, it’s the risk to their customers who sign up to this fake beta. If those details are abused or viruses are included with signing up, it will damage their brand and hurt their customers who though the site was real.

      Microsoft is doing this to protect it’s brand, Halo and it’s customers.

  • Hey someoone should make that same complaint about Civ 5’s developers.

    More than a year after release they still haven’t fixed the constant crashing or even the blank screen at the start that replaces the opening cut sceen.
    It could be argued that …
    Civ 5 causes confusion with a Firaxis trademark, (ie Civ2 and that might actually lead people to believe that Civ 5 was somehow as good. …. or that it even worked).
    that it was registered in bad faith (they never intended to release a working version) and the owner has “no rights or legitimate interests” with respect to “making the damn game work”.


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