The Halo 5 Beta Promises A Whole Damn Lot.

The Halo 5 beta promises a whole damn lot. Getting to test out the evolution of Spartan multiplayer is a real good reason to buy four games you may already own.


    I've enjoyed every single Halo. This...I cannot wait for.

    Lol seriously they did not promise anything. Just more spartan abilities.

    Was that cover-based combat at 0:23 of the video? It looked like a Spartan was hiding behind cover...

      I think anyone who has played a Halo on Legendary would say the whole series has been cover-based combat.

        Only 2,3 and 4. All other Halo games didn't need cover.

    Wait so the future of Online Multiplayer is a return to the past with Dedicated Servers.

    bugger... I was kinda hoping they'd gotten rid of armour abilities.

    Call me a cynic but 10 seconds of prerendered trailer isn't exactly something to get hype about.

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