So Will Other Game Studios Screw You On Wii U DLC?

Nintendo is doing everything it can to make buying downloadable content on the Wii U easy as pie. Since the Kyoto-based game maker has said on numerous occasions that its DLC will add to the experience, I'm not so worried about Nintendo's approach. It's the other game makers that concern me.

Fear not! Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently told a group of analysts that the Kyoto-based game maker will draw up regulations for third-party developers creating Wii U titles and DLC — strict regulations.

"...We have a belief that our games should be a trusted brand for a very wide variety of consumers, including children and casual users who are not so familiar with the trends of video games," said Iwata. "Therefore, we would like to have regulations with a certain degree of strictness so that consumers will get a sense of reassurance from our games."

Phew! Too often I feel like game developers — not necessarily Ubisoft — are allowed to run hog-wild with DLC and DLC pricing. While it often feels like Nintendo oversanitises everything and babies its customers, this is one instance where rules with "a certain degree of strictness" are more than welcomed.

Corporate Management Policy Briefing [Nintendo]

Top photo: Casey Rodgers/AP Images for Ubisoft


    Gee, control over other games companies DLC and pricing...

    And Nintendo wonders why it has 0 third party support...

    All he said was they'd like to have regulations without actually saying what those regulations will be. So basically he's said nothing so far.

    If they do this right it could be really good.

    I'd like to seem them put restrictions on paying for content already available on disk for one.

    I am certain I will not buy the Wii U if my Rock Band DLC doesn't come over. End of story.

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