Star Trek Online Free-to-Play Now Open To Everyone

Star Trek Online Free-to-Play Now Open To Everyone

Set your phasers on stupid Trek reference, as Cryptic’s Star Trek Online opens its free-to-play docking bay and invites the world inside following a brief subscriber-only period. To see what players get for free, hit up the official Star Trek Online web page.


  • All depends on the kind of experience F2P players get. I can understand limiting some things, but sadly sometimes it goes too far.

  • As a previous player I received an email inviting me back for early F2P – I like a lot of the changes they’ve made.. It’s what the game should have been when first released.

  • YAY!

    I played the demo and it was “OK” but wouldn’t pay for it.. just wasn’t good enough or what I wanted it to be.. whatever.. but now that it’s free.. might as well play.

    And yes, I agree with Daniel.. it will also depend how limited it is for F2P’ers cause I certainly won’t be paying for it.

  • If you like Star Trek it’s good fun, I jumped back in awhile ago doing all the story missions I missed was good. Problem was I was playing Klingon had a bunch of maxxed out ships and only PVP to do.

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