These Minecraft Chairs Look Really Uncomfortable (But I Still Want One)

You may have heard of Ikea Hacks — the idea of adjusting components of Ikea furniture to personalise them, lest our homes devolve into some smorgasbord of Swedish sculpture with names I can't pronounce. The latest Ikea hack involves transforming seats into Minecraft blocks.

It looks as though it involves some intense scissor work, and mad crafting skills, which I totally don't have — but still if you're into that sort of thing, it might be worth giving it a try.

Head here for more instructions and stuff.

Minecraft-inspired window seat/stools [Ikea Hackers]

Comments! I could not bring myself to this level even if i had a man cave all to myself.

    Am i the only one that thinks they are horribly ugly? lol


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