This Week In Games

This Week In Games

Games? They make new ones? Really? It’s been so long…

Also. METAL GEAR??!?!!?!!

After so many weeks of absolutely no games of any note whatsoever, today the levee breaks with humdinger after humdinger. There really are a bizarrely massive amount of big games being released this week.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (360/PS3) What is it? The sequel to that kinda disappointing Final Fantasy that everyone complained about. Should you care? From what I’m hearing, this game is a bit of an apology for Final Fantasy XIII, so hopefully kinda good.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (360/PS3) What is it? HD remakes of Metal Gear Solid 2 (the most confusing game ever&3161;) and Metal Gear Solid 3 (the best game ever&3161;). Should you care? Sure, why not.

Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS) What is it? A wild Resident Evil appears, that works with the Circle Pad Pro. Should you care? It’s super effective.

Soulcalibur V (360/PS3) What is it? You know what it is! Should you buy it? I’m keen for ‘dat Ezio’.

So, anyone buying any of this ‘stuff’?


  • Soulcalibur V i guess 😛 although i usually dont buy fighting games..

    and i also still have Batman: AC, Dead Island to finish while still trying to play SWTOR o.0

      • I feel odd saying this, but I won’t be picking it up any time soon. I already have MGS2 and MGS3 (Even the much loved MGS3 Subsistence) on PS2, and MGS:PW on PSP. I’d feel odd buying them again. I know, I know, it’s HD and all, but still.

        I will be buying MGS3D on day one though. The concept of MGS3 in my pocket is positively…. arousing. Did I say that out loud? Is that MGS3D in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

        • I feel exactly the same man. The whole reason I still rail against Sony and Microsoft for not having real Backwards-Compatibility with up-scaling.

          As soon as God of War Collection came out, I knew it: People re-buying games they only bought last generation.

        • Me too also waiting for MGS3 on the 3DS, I already have 2 on the PS2 and as it is am having real trouble with it (I’m at the bit where I’ve gotta go around detecting and diffusing bombs and I really have NO WEAPONS and NO AMMO at this point – I feel like I f@cked up royally and should start again but I don’t wanna sit through all the cut scenes and codecs again – my God the codecs – Raiden needs sh!t explained to him like he’s a 1st grader!

    • As a man of non-asian descent, it’s my responsibility do be offended on their behalf by your comments.

      You should be asahmed of yourself, etc.


    • My memories of that game was making him cartwheel everywhere. Also, his cartwheel was so effective at knocking dudes over that I didn’t even play it as a stealth game anymore but just ran past them and gave them a heel to the chin. I think I was playing it wrong. Quite keen to get back to it. But I do wish MGS1 was in this package. I finished that one like 3 times and would love to go back to it.

  • I have never played a Metal Gear game.

    Should i start? I feel like i should start. But where? at the the actual “start” or is there one game i should just dip my balls in and hope they dont get bitten off?

      • MGS4 is continuity porn. I don’t think that’s a particularly great place for people to start.

        I’d probably go with either MGS1 or MGS3. Although I’m not exactly a fan of the series.

        • Yeah, MGS3 is prob a good place to start now that it is remastered in HD. I highlighted MGS4 because it was the first HD title in the series and damn fun to play with great variety across the five chapters.

    • You can be a completionist and get a copy of the original Metal Gear 1 and 2. (on NES)

      But starting at Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 (available on the PSN) is a typical starting point. Everything that happened prior in the 8-bit games are explained in MGS anyway.

    • 4 is full of backstory, so you won’t get much if you never played the others (plus the cutscenes go for aaaages).
      I think MGS3 is a damn good place to start, and maybe MGS1 if you feel like going retro.

    • If you can handle the PS1-era tech, then definitely start by getting MGS1 off the PS store, and play through them in numerica order. If you don’t want to sully yourself with MGS1’s creaky graphics then just start from MGS2.

        • Probably hard to find these days. Plus the GameCube version sucked from all reports I’ve heard (never actually played it myself since I never owned a ‘Cube). I guess it’d probably work on the Wii if you own one and can find it, but you’re probably better off sticking with the original (assuming you own a PS3).

    • Yeah what’s the go with that? I’ve also seen it listed as being released on the 2nd and 3rd. Can anyone confirm an actual, genuine release date?

  • I can’t justify spending release prices on a fighting game, espeically with the trend, these days, of adding extra fighters in a new edition a few months later. lol

    I am quite keen about MGS, as i am still yet to play any of them, other than ac!d, which i know is completely different.
    I’ll probably wait a little while before i do get it, though

  • Yeah, Metal Gear should be next week (9th)… You could replace it with NeverDead (3rd Feb), which I think I will be picking up on the cheap in the future.

    I was tempted with the SCV Collector’s Edition, but I’ve decided to bypass it, don’t play enough fighting games to justify it.

  • preordered Metal Gear HD collection, downloaded MGS1 from the PSN store and been playng that, should be and awesome few weeks for me

  • I picked up MGS: HD Collection back in December from GameTraders, and I couldn’t figure out why I did see it out anywhere else at first. 🙂

  • I imported Metal Gear and have been loving it. Finished 2, almost done with 3, then onto peace walker.

    Might pick up FF though, but then again FFXIII pissed me off a bit

  • Looks like a week off from new games for me. Darkness 2 next month! Mass Effect 3 after that! Still have to finish Skyrim!

  • I’ll more than likely buy RE:R and both Metal Gears, but I think i’ll only but RE this week. The other two are very nice, but can wait :s

  • Final Fantasy ended with 10. anything after that is a stink. Dissidia 1 and 2 doesnt coun t theyre a different genre altogether

  • Everything from above expect for Resident Evil: Revelations as I sold my 3DS.
    *fingers cross on a broken street date on either 1 of these games* 🙂

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