Was The Darkness II Modified For Australia?

Digital Extremes hasn't had much luck with our Classification Board. The developer's Dark Sector had to have dismemberment and decapitation removed before it could be sold here. Now, there are two entries for The Darkness II in the classification database. Does that mean we're getting a censored version of it too?

According to publisher 2K, no. In a recent statement to MCV Pacific, the company said the second submission contained a sex scene not included in the original July material. The later, altered submission, classified by the board in December last year, was sent in voluntarily by 2K.

(Confusingly, the classification database lists dates in a month/day/year format.)

The game received an MA15+ rating, and the keywords were modified from "Strong horror violence, blood and gore and coarse language" to "Strong horror violence, blood and gore, sex scenes and coarse language".

The MCV Pacific story goes on to say that "no edits" were required to get the new version through, so it looks like all systems go for 2K and respite from the Classification Board for Digital Extremes. I'd still be interested in seeing the final report — as Mark wrote about last year, The Darkness II has its fair share of violence.

Thanks to Spook for bringing this to my attention in yesterday's US preview of the game.

Why The Darkness II was classified twice in Australia [MCV Pacific]


    Sounds like another underclassified R18+ game to me.

      Another? Could you give some examples?

        Aliens vs. Predator, Fallout 3, Bulletstorm,
        There's about a million different titles wedged into the MA15+ catagory because of the lack of an R18+ rating,

        Killer 7, gta 4

        About 50% of the MA15+ games I own are rated R18 (or it's local equivalent) in Europe.

      Left 4 Dead 2 is a big one that comes to mind. But well that got modified brutally

    Witcher 2 was also stripped down / censored in AU also because apparently we can't handle a bit of nudity.

    R18+ seems to have come to a stand still again. Perhaps the powers to be just playing games and hoping the mere perception of progressing the issue will shut us up for a few more years.

      It had one dialogue option changed. Almost nothing really.

      Clearly you haven't played the game... or Witcher 1, which had some characters walking around nude. All that was changed was that it took out one option of a quest reward. That's all.

    Combine this with the $40 price tag and I'm sold.

      Where from????

        Steam pre-order key from cdkeysdirect. That is if you're after a steam copy.

        Otherwise ozgameshop have it for $58 (360) $57 (PS3) or $44 (PC) though I'm not sure if the key with that is Steam compatible.

    So there's no edits or censored content?
    Fuck, why bother make me read all that then.

    lol , our censorship board is so crap.

    I was going to import it anyway to save money, but at least the local version won't be gimped - even though it should probably be 18+

    I just had this feeling it would get censored in some way or another (beside if Jackie had sex he dies and the darkness moves on to the unborn child, as long as its male)

      They made a huge loophole with that recently and he now has a daughter....who's mother is Sara Pezzini ie The Witchblade.

      "Sex Scene" doesn't mean that Jackie is having sex.

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