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Christmas and New Year is over, some of you are back at work, like me, and if your boss isn't around, you may be looking for efficient ways to skive and check up on game news. That's where 'While You Were Sleeping' comes in — a quick and dirty way to get your update on the news coming in overnight in the most alt-tab friendly way possible!

I never owned a Nintendo DS. I hopped onboard with the DS Lite, and it was my favourite iteration of that console. I like to think I'm not stupid enough to buy a 3DS Lite if it were to come out in 2012, but I probably would be. Some rumours are stating that we will see a 3DS Lite in 2012. I kinda hope we don't, because I like my money and I don't want to spend it on stupid stuff.

I had always assumed that 2012 would be a breather from the massive sequel, AAA released of 2011. This article kinda claims the opposite. Argh! Too many games!

These new Max Payne 3 screens are a little bit... darker, here are the pre-order bonuses for a little game called Mass Effect 3, you may have heard of it. Finally, this is Gary Oldman screaming orders ala his character from Call of Duty World at War on Conan O'Brien's new show. You're welcome.

In Short Is The 3DS Lite Coming Out Next Spring Wonders A Japanese Magazine Gary Oldman Screaming Call of Duty Orders On Conan Take A Look At The Guns And Gear That You'll Get For Pre-Ordering Mass Effect 3 Things Get A Lot Darker In These New Max Payne 3 Screens The 2012 Year In Games: A Preview That Has My Jaw On The Floor


    "I never owned a Nintendo DS. I hopped onboard with the DS Lite, and it was my favourite iteration of that console."

    That's like saying 'I only had one dinner last night, but it was my favourite dinner of yesterday.' How can it be your favourite if by your own admission you never tried any if the others? 'The man with the golden gun is the only bond film I've ever seen, but it's my favourite bond film.' Oh, ok then.

      The man is a gaming journalist, I dare say he may have played, reviewed and judged for himself a few iterations without buying them.

      I assume he hasn't admitted elsewhere that he hasn't tried any of the others, though. If that is the case, then please treat my statement as biting sarcasm that was misunderstood...*shifty eyes*

        Everyone knows that video game journalists get handed tons of freebies, from handheld consoles to steak sandwiches and blow jobs.

        That's how Ashcraft got his start, he rocked up to the kotaku offices to dish out the BJs to promote Resident Evil 4, and he was so good they kept him around. When Plunkett showed up to gobble for Gears of War Ashcraft was promoted to handjobs. Unfortunately he selfishly attended to himself too much and the result is the bizarre amount of Japanese fetish articles he posts. Now he only receives used schoolgirl panty freebies in the post.

      It made sense to me. I did the same thing. I read about the other iterations and was really pleased with what I got in the DS Lite and that I didn't have to wait years for it.

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