While You Were Sleeping

Wake up my Kotaku brethren. It is time to sit, bleary eyed at our desks and consume news, sip on caffeinated drinks and feel sorry for ourselves! Hurray!

Nintendo news seems to be the order of the day. The news coming in overnight is that the 3DS — which is doing pretty okayisn't doing as well as expected in the west. The west meaning Europe, Japan and — I supposed — Australia. What is the reason for this state of affairs? Well, it's complicated I suppose. But Stephen Totilo makes a compelling argument that the continued success of the DS may have something to do with it?

Continuing with the Nintendo theme, it has done an investigation into the underage foxconn worker situation.

And, finally, meet the man who has been Luke Skywalker more times than Mark Hamill. Also, how would you like to be sipping your coffee from this awesome Tetris mug?

In Short The Nintendo 3DS' Other Problem Appears To Be The DS Nintendo Says The 3DS Is Doing Weaker In The West Than Expected The Results Of Nintendo's Investigation Into Foxconn Workers This Guy Has Been Luke Skywalker More Times Than Mark Hamill Mornings Just Fall Into Place When Your Coffee Comes From A Tetris Mug


    Maybe you should of waited a little longer so you could post about COD getting knocked off top spot on xbox live by Minecraft.

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