Would You Catch These Realistic Poké Ball? Could You?

The Poké Ball, the device which catches and holds Pocket Monsters, comes in various types. There are twenty-six variations, all different. Sadly, they're not real (neither are Pocket Monsters!). But what if they were?

Australian artist Barry Wazzy took the PokéBall out of the game and anime world and rendered them in ours. The result is beautiful, and makes me want to catch them all.

Kotaku posted realistic renditions of Pok&eactue;mon, but never Pok&eactue;Ball like this.

If you like Wazzy's work, he has a full DeviantArt page full of, well, art.

*wazzy88 [DeviantArt]


    How is that realistic? They have random patterns on them.

      Just because it's not grey and brown doesn't mean it's not realistic.

        Cmon...these are realistic pokeballs;


        What Barry did looks cool but they don't look realistic.

          Where did you get his photo from? If its on sale I would gladly buy them all.

            You're in luck...kinda. I did a search and found the guy's DA page.


            He doesn't offer prints it seems, but if you contact him he might supply a proper hi-res version and you could get one made up.

        They're just art nothingore each pokeball has a skin to not render that instead of what he did means they aren't realistic in terms of cannon

    Would've liked to see some normal pokeballs in there.

    None of them look realistic...

      They're awesome, but realistic wouldn't be the word I'd use.

    Or rather he made one and shopped it alot. (Agree needs some of the original ones)

    The third one down (the one under the one with wings) bothers me because its concentric circles pattern is not exactly perpendicular to the pokeball button.

    You're pretty active for someone that doesn't work for Allure anymore Bashcraft...
    Are you back??

      Unless Ashcraft has actually left KotakuUS I think you've mistaken him for Brian Crecente.

        Yup, that's what I'm doing.

          I don't know why but the casual nature of your response made me laugh a lot. It played out in my head like a scene in a 90's sitcom.

    Ashcraft stop stealing shit from tumblr. Do your job.

    saw these on tumblr *drools*

    You're complaining that artistic representations of fictional objects from a video game and cartoon series aren't "realistic"? Heh.

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