Xbox Live Arcade Game Leaks Onto Torrent Sites

PC games leak all the time. Even console games eventually turn up on torrent sites once their discs are pressed. But an Xbox Live Arcade game getting out, and one which isn't that close to release, that's a little stranger.

Yet that's the situation Trials Evolution developers RedLynx find themselves in this week, with the game having appeared on "certain torrent file sites". With no discs to press, and a release date that's only listed as "2012", that means the unfinished build was either leaked internally or somehow lifted.

Now, those who remember 2009 (what a time! Oh, we were so carefree) may remember that RedLynx purposefully leaked a previous Trials game onto a torrent site in order to drum up publicity. Leading some to believe, well, the same is happening again.

"We want to be clear that [leaking Trials Evolution] is not something we did ourselves," RedLynx's Tero Virtala told Develop.

We didn't leak Trials Evolution, Redlynx declares [Develop]


    I reckon Fat Shady did it. He figured out the puzzle, and the puzzle's answer was Trials Evolution.

    I call BS.

    Why wouldn't you try the same marketing stunt if it was successful last time?

      Because they are partnered with Microsoft for this release and it is an XBLA exclusive... so why would Microsoft authorise a 'publicity stunt' where the only people who benefit are people who have modified their consoles (JTag or a dev kit) to play what is unsigned code on a console.. that is why it clearly wasn't an intentional leak...

      Even with a modified console where you have the modified firmware, it is still not possible to play this as it is not a disc based game...

      So yeah, no BS here Im afraid!

    I dont pirate games (unless banned and old), But this is tempting if it is playable on PC.

      Its not.. it will be an XBLA exclusive and likely sell for around $20.

        more along the lines of is the torrent version is currently playable on PC.

          Sorry, the first part of my response was 'it's not', referring to the fact its not playable on PC.

      How does that work? You only pirate games that are old or not available but now it's so tempting to pirate this particular game for no good reason?

        Maybe he doesn't have a console.

    It's on No peers at the moment though... Damn.

    I guess you could say ..... They leaked the Trial version.

    I'd be much happier if someone just leaked the release date - cmon release it already people!

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