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You folks have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    What's the most boring/tedious part of your job each day/week that you always put off until the last possible moment even though it then just weighs on your mind and keeps you from being productive or relaxing in any way?

      Transcribing! Good lord, I don't know of a single writer who enjoys transcribing. It's the one thing we do not look forward to and it's the main reason why we put off writing certain articles. It's is the most tedious part of the job. It is also a necessary part of the job. :(

    What's happened to the mobile version of Kotaku? Last week some of the links weren't working, and now it seems to have disappeared completely...

      Great question. Missing the mobile version

      Apparently something is wrong with the plug-ins (or something?) and Ben is working on fixing that. We have made a note of it and it is being worked on! Apologies for the delay!

      Thanks for asking the question I was gonna ask =D

    What's the most underrated title of this generation?

      What other game has a headslam option?

      Alpha Protocol!

        Alpha Protocal +1

          *and I can't spell


      I liked Prince of Persia.

        The non-death prince? Loved that.

        POP(08) was great. I didn't understand all the belly-aching about not being able to die. It was just an instant checkpoint system that was integrated with the story. The graphics were gorgeous as well and they still stand up to this day. I really hope Ubisoft are considering a sequel, the prince of persia series seems to have taken a back seat to Assassins creed though :-(

    What's the worst kind of player to play online games with?
    Personally, it's fratboys for me.

      People who listen to their own music really really loudly.

        Only really an issue in games where they have a mic. Or mics are Auto Pickup

    2 Q's Mr. Serrels.

    1) Do you know if the recently released Pheonix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban) on the iOS in Japan, have English Text like their DS counterparts ? They look AMAZING !

    2) EB have Street Fighter x Tekken for $128 and JB Hi Fi have it for approx $89. With the EB version comming with a 5' mini cabinet and all these "bonus" (don't have no bearing on the game) Gems, do you think it's probably wiser / cheaper to get the JB Ver. and just pay to have the Gems added via DLC ?

    I just find that both shops have such a large price difference. Thoughts ?

      I think you misspelled "Ms. Lien"

        Oops, my bad...didn't see who had posted this weeks, Ask Me Stuff.

        Ms. Lien, are you able to shed some light on my Questions for this week ?

      Can a fighting game expert shed some light on this question? I would be inclined to get the cheaper option because I can't imagine the DLC would be THAT expensive, but I don't know the price of each piece of DLC so I can't advise. Anyone else want to jump in?

        I'd be giving Street Fighter the flick (seriously the boss in IV was the most unfair thing ever shoehorned into a videogame) and buy Tekken Prime instead on the 3DS

    What will define gaming in 2012?


        Skimming over the comments, I saw the P N S and my dirty mind filled in the rest.

        That's what I call all my characters in RPGs where you can set your own name!

    Do you know when VVVVVV is being released on the 3DS down here?

    I think it's already been released in the States. . .

    What's your Role Playing alignment?

    Where do you see the gaming industry heading in the next 5-10 years?

    Will it be a DRM infused cluster of shitty sequels encoded to our DNA so that no one else can play our copy, or will it be a joyous wonderland of unrestricted creativity?

      The big publishers will likely hang onto DRM because they don't know what else to do. DRM may be ineffective, but their other option is to do nothing and in their eyes hat's even more ineffective. Until they find a solution that isn't based on a trust system, I think we'll still see restrictions in the years to come.

      (That said, I think a lot of indies will go the other way. But that's just speculation.)

    Is it wrong that I become aroused by the news that Journey is now finished?

    Why should we ask you stuff?

    You should ask us stuff!! ;-)

      There's an idea. Maybe we should try doing Ask Me Stuff like Jeopardy - we all post answers here then Tracey/Mark can respond with an appropriate question.

    Can you please remove the banner ad in the image preview of the articles? I keep seeing a Darkness 2 image thinking its an article about The Darkness 2, but it aint.. It's annoying yo!

      We don't allow advertisers to sponsor individual posts but we do allow them to sponsor entire categories. In this case they've chosen to sponsor the PlayStation category, so any story categorised as PlayStation gets a banner featuring The Darkness.

      We know advertising is annoying but it's necessary to keep the site running, and this is the fairest way we can do it without compromising on editorial standards. So! Just assume that nothing on this site is about The Darkness unless we run a big headline feature the words "THE DARKNESS" in it. ;)

        A wild Darkness 2 banner has appeared over an xbox article!

          Darned if I know!

    How long should you spend with what feels like to you a mediocre game before I give up playing it?

    As part of my mission to play everything in my Steam library that I purchased while it was cheap, I've realised that some of the cheap games I've bought just aren't good enough to keep my attention. I got started on the second mission of Command & Conquer 4 before I realised just how truely terrible it was (critics and players alike universally disliked the game), but I was playing Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault on Dark Athena, both games that critics and players seemed to enjoy... I just couldn't see it, and moved on after an hour because I found I wasn't enjoying the lackluster story, the AI was pretty stupid, and the killing wasn't all that fun.

    I've now moved onto Company of Heroes, a game that gripped me just playing the Tutorial, and tossed me deep into chaos of warfare with the D-Day landings as the first mission

      You gotta ask yourself a question man: why are you playing games?

      Are you playing them to have fun? Playing them to say you finished them? Playing them for a challenge?

      If you're playing for fun and you're not having fun, what's the point, eh?

        I actually play for all three reasons, with fun and finishing taking up about 90% of the reason.

        If I'm not having fun I will give up, simple as that. I also enjoy a challenge, but I've got to the point in my life where my game time is limited, so I can't waste time playing really challenging games, so if I find I'm getting too challenged I'll also pass over a game in favour of something fun.

    Spec Ops: The Line - sleeper hit or generic cover-shooter?

      No one in this office has played it. However, I do have on good authority that the game is very brown and features bits of red and yellow! Amazing!

    When will i get my prize(cod hardened)? I'm itching to go, i havent played some duty for quite some time. Well duty i've been keen for.

      Will send it out this week. Sorry for the delay!

        Thats quite alright, i'm just so keen for it. Thanks again for choosing me, all my killstreaks will be didicated to you! :D

          dedicated* or didicated they both get the point accross :D

    I am about to start studying a Bachelor of Laws! Any advice?

      Pay attention during the bits when they're talking about the law and legal-type stuff.

      Also, make sure you familiarize yourself with the phrase "billable hours".

      Aw man. Stay in school I guess! I have an arts degree, I'm the last person you want to ask for advice!

      Listen to the people who say it's hard, and study your arse off.

      And something I wish someone had explained to me: In your criminal law exam remember the exam rule that Everyone is Going to be Found Not Guilty. If the answer looks like the perp murdered the victim, keep analysing, through to manslaughter and assault. There'll be points allocated for that analysis even if it seems obvious that the result will be a verdict of murder.

    What's the meaning of life? Gaming life, that is.

    How do you rate TOR's launch? I picked it up 3 weeks ago, and am already bored of it.

    Do you think it will survive in the market place? or is it too easy to tell.

    Also, will TERA be well recieved in the Western Market? It's got the feel of Eastern MMOs from looking at TotalBiscut's footage.


    Are we paying more on XLBA than the US? Also next gen question, is the new xbox going to support Xbox live providing its call that. Or will it die a slow death. The reason I'm asking is what will happen to all the games we purchase on XLBA?

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

      No one in the media knows anything about the next Xbox.

      Yes we are (paying more) for XBLA - at $25 for 1500 pts a $10 (800pt) game in America is costing us $13.33 here


    (It's been way too long)

      Bother. I really need to get better at changing my email address back.

    Is this going to be a Australian version or just some UK version with a sticker over the classification -.-

    Mark, does anyone in the office watch ''Community'' at all? Been burning through the first two seasons in just one week... 50 episodes *gasp* almost so far. What do you guys think of it if so?

      You must have felt streets behind when you realised there were 3 seasons already.

      Such a brilliant show, with a hit of luck we're going to have six seasons and a movie!


        No, I was elated to find out there's TWO AND A HALF seasons so far :P

        Though they did confirm recently community is definitely coming back for its other half of the season :D

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