Mass Effect 3 Demo Includes Free Xbox Live Gold

The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo requires you to have a Gold subscription because, well, it's a multiplayer game and that's how Xbox Live rolls. Not to worry. Microsoft is giving away " a limited time Gold access" pass to everyone who downloads the demo, meaning we can all get in on the action.

No word yet on how long that "limited time" will last, but it's likely to be a weekend pass, same as you get in a game insert or on free weekends.

No info yet on how Silver subscribers will actually get access to a Gold-only (at least for a week) demo either, so stay tuned for that.

Mass Effect 3 demo and Xbox Live update [BioWare, via NeoGAF]


    I'm gonna download the demo a hundred times so that my Gold accumulates!

      Sounds like an excellent plan!
      I'll do it to, and move my xbox nearer the router so it accumulates even faster.

    Oh how I love gaming on platforms that don't charge to play online...

      aah pooriah, its been a while since we've heard from the sony fanboy

        Sony fanboy? What are you talking about? I game on PC too.

        Though you mustn't have matured all that much since before, still changing names in an effort to insult someone is one of the most immature things you can do.

          "Who's that tramping over my bridge?" roared the troll.

            "It's not every day I see someone refer to him/herself in third person." says Pariah.

    I love how free services get hacked =]

    *troll else where

      +1 and I have a PS3 and an XBOX

        +1 for the attempt.

    I look forward to the PC version not working! :p

    Is it March yet? I just want to ride a reaper straight into the face of that reporter. Best ending ever. Hype.

    I already have Gold, so this means nothing to me.

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