Melbourne Indie Dev Wins QANTAS SOYA

Harry Lee is no stranger to Kotaku. We've played and loved his puzzle game, Impasse, and we were charmed by his enthusiasm at Melbourne Game Jam (Katie mentions him here and here). Now he's gotten Qantas' attention by winning the 2012 Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) in the Interactive Content and Gaming category.

The Interactive Content and Gaming category was only added to SOYA this year and they were flooded with entries. Since SOYA aims to further the career of young creatives, judges looked for entries that showed a developer taking the initiative to create original, thoughtful, and creative work with their own unique style.

As part of his prize, Harry will win $5000 in cash, a 12-month mentorship opportunity with the digital agency SOAP Creative, and a trip to the South By Southwest music festival in Texas, USA, to attend the music festival and meet leaders in the interactive content and gaming field.

Kotaku would like to congratulate Harry on this amazing achievement.

Readers can play Impasse and Harry's latest game, Midas over at Kongregate.


    This makes me happy.

    Mr. Lee! Good stuff man, I'll keep the ninja games going in your abscence while you're in the States. : P

    Congrats Harry!

    Fantastic work Harry!

    Harry is one of my close friends, after meeting at a game design boot camp in Melbourne last year. So excited to hear he won this prize! I'm totally humbled to be his friend.

    Damn it, because of this article I've been busting my brain over Impasse for the last half hour or something.

    HARRY WINS! The world (especially AUS) needs more game designers like him!

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