Noxious: A Free, Student-Made Dead Space Clone

It looks like an extremely early build of Visceral's Dead Space, but it's not. The clip above is a full play-through of Noxious, the final project for the Game Development/Art class at Full Sail University in Florida. If you want try it for yourself, it's available as a free download.

Forgoing Unity or another third-party package, the class built the engine from scratch, and all work was done over a five-month period. It's a really good effort considering the short development time and the use of their own tech.

It may not be original, but that's actually not a bad thing. If you're a student learning games development, it's a great idea to have a go at duplicating a triple-A title to figure out exactly what's involved, how difficult certain features are to implement and ultimately, gain a deeper understanding of why certain decisions were made, especially if you disagree with them on the surface. When you don't have to worry about the overall structure of the game you're trying to make, you can focus on the nuts-and-bolts, putting-it-together aspects (so the productive bits).

Let's hope the students take the knowledge they gained from this outing and put it into something they can truly call their own!

Student-Developed Dead Space Tribute Noxious Released As A Free Download [IndieGames]


    Wow, having built their own engine is a pretty great accomplishment. Any idea how many students there were involved?

      Did you not bother to look at the credits in the promotional material?

      No need to be harsh Jane! Going by this link, I count 16:

      It is a pretty large team for a Full Sail final project. Might be mistaken but i think it is about 8 programmers, 7 artists, and 1 producer. For instance, my final project team a few months ahead of the Noxious team had 5 programmers, 2 artists, and 3 producers when we finished (originally 6 programmers and 4 artist).

      But it is quite amazing what we accomplish, because in reality we only get 3.5 months of development. The other 1.5 months is spent just designing the game.

    Have to be honest. If I was in charge of recruitment for a major game studio and saw this, I would have no interest in hiring any of them.

      Maybe it's for the best if we never have to find an answer to your scenario.

      Have to be honest. If I was in charge of recruitment for a major critiquing studio and saw your comment. I would have no interest in hiring you.

        If you think any of these guys are going to walk into a major development studio you're delusional. These guys will be hired to work on shitty licensed games and ports, and may never work on an AAA project.

        Compare this to what the students who made the demo that went on to become Portal and the difference in imagination and execution is light years apart.

          Give these people a break... For all we know they could all have a wonderfully original idea they're working on, in private.

          This is a college project...maybe they want to go indie and not give away their best idea for a final project that maybe released for public viewing before they're ready for it.

          Lets not judge people on one thing in their life...

            I think it is, however, fair to judge people based on the sole thing that they have ventured about themeselves.

              Okay, why the hate? It may not be as original as the portal demo, but note that they made their own engine. DigiPen also did, but it's worth noting that one doesn't have to be the best to join a career, they need to be good. And this game looks good.

                One thing also to note, pretty sure DigiPen gets about a year on there projects, full sail gets 5 months(while taking classes with final project)

          Alright so i go to the same school as the people who made this game and im going through the same final project as them and first off, we dont exactly get to pick our own ideas, they let us come up with a few things then our teachers decide whether its good material to work on along with the time we have and having to learn techniques we didn't kno b4 along with learning the asset pipeline and having artists on board, this is basically the first time we program as a team rather than on our own also. So no its not portal but u saying AAA studios wont hire these people is beyond delusional. The team consists of Programmers, Artists and thats actually it for this team. Most teams have a producer to run the team and make sure we are all working. But this team didn't; Anyways, they aren't getting hired for their design work, but for their programing/art skills, and team work. Also some of them have already been hired by AAA studios, So Mr. Anon; GSO.

      Did you never see Narbacular Drop? Made as a student project, the team that did Narbacular was hired by Valve and made what is probably the most polished title in PC gaming history - Portal. From what I've seen of Noxious, those guys/gals have a bright future ahead...

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments on our game and support, really didn't foresee being mentioned on Kotaku and it really means a lot to us.

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