The Mass Effect 3 Demo -- You Can Watch It, Or Listen To It, But You Can't Play It (Yet)

Some people already have the Mass Effect demo right now, but most of us mere mortals will have to wait until tomorrow to play it. But today? Well, you can watch it, or listen to it!

Eurogamer has a pretty extensive 20 minute video on its site which takes you through the first 20 minutes of the demo. That's interesting enough, but you may not want to spoil it for yourself. In that case you should check out these two awesome Clint Mansell tracks from the demo's soundtrack. We can only assume this music will also make it into the final game as well.

Protip: the music sounds awesome, and sort of harks back to the minimalistic sounds of the first game, which I completely loved.

Anyone hear manage to get early access to the demo?


    I got access via some UK Facebook promo. Very fun. Still need to wait for the multiplayer part to go live, though.

    For the record, I'm not going to paly the demo. I'm not even watching any more trailers. Those videos? NOPE.

    Mass Effect 3 is my most anticipated game ever since I played Mass Effect 1. I'm not risking any spoilers - even non-story spoilers. I don't want to see ANYTHING until I'm playing it for real.

      That's the approach I took to the latest Deus Ex and it worked a treat.

      The videos are full of music, look out!

      I'm in the same boat. Anything even remotely Mass Effect related is being ignored.

      genius. i'm now adopting this approach. March 8 can't arrive fast enough (though i'll be overseas at the time, and thus won't get it til march 10).

        I did this for Skyward Sword, but I was still disappointed.

      Hahah I've been trying to do the same. Have cracked a few times and watched some trailers and stuff but I definitely won't be playing the demo, I wanna have all the amaze when I play the real thing!

    Music is pretty good!! Im at the end of a combined ME1/ME2 play through.. Cant wait for next month.

    Going to wait for the full game. CANNOT WAIT chaps and dames..

    Is there any unlockable for playing the demo? If there's no must-have reason for playing it, I'd rather wait until the full game.

      It unlocks armour for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. the KoAR demo though unlocks and armour peice and heavy weapon for ME3 if you haven't played that yet.

      Also i have hands on time and my first play through i was a little too stunned to take it all in as the first level is pretty incredible but at the same time felt a little rushed. But the combat feels much more fluid, the power evoultions trees are fantastic - lots of different options and evolutions and lots of different armour and weapon mods are out there waiting to be picked up.

      Personally i can't wait to try out the multiplayer. It's already decided that me and all my friends are going vanguard simply to biotic charge every single enemy

    Was that an attempt at humour mark or a grammatical error? Bahaha damn mondays

    Seems like every 2nd article is about ME3 lately

      We could be on Gizmodo and every second article is about Macs or iPhones.

    *sigh* I guess it must be time to go dark. I did it for a few games last year, but this'll be the hardest to ignore. It'll be hard to say no to the demo though.
    I guess I'll just make another character on ME2, another save file for ME3 doesn't sound too bad.

    Since you can't take the demo actions into the game, and that the content is IN THE FULL VERSION - why play the demo except for co-op testing?

    This game is incredibly bad, the series in general sucks and--ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!

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