These Are Not The Same-Sex Relationships The Old Republic Players Were Looking For

Riffing on the Family Research Council's outrage over same-sex NPC relationships in Star Wars: The Old Republic, talk show host Conan O'Brien and team cobble together some footage of the science fantasy franchise's most famous gay couples.

Of course the actual footage has nothing to do with the actual situation in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but it's somewhat amusing nonetheless, especially for those of us that always felt Chewbacca got shafted in the whole Han Solo / Leia / Luke relationship triangle. Where's the Wookie love?

[Team Coco]


    In the end this was not the game I was looking for. same sex relationships won't change that for anyone who felt the same way.

    Conan, amusing? Since when?

      Since always, until Andy Richter left originally years back to go try and be a big hollywood star.

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