What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I literally haven't played a video game for 10 days. Not counting the ones I checked out at Game Jam. I've just been doing stuff. Boring stuff. I still haven't finished Zelda for God's sake.

I hope to finish it this weekend, I'm so close to the end. But I've got relatives over, and that usually spells death for my gaming ambitions. Maybe it's time to stock up some hours on the 'helping out my wife' backlog so I can cash in when Mass Effect 3 comes out.

Anyway, blah blah blah.

What are you guys playing this weekend?


    Sucking big time in NBA2K11 e.g. Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan winning at quarter time, losing 52-106 at full time.

    Something action-y from the pile of shame, not sure what yet. Maybe RAGE or Just Cause 2.

    Also playing first birthday parties #2 and #3 (of 4!) for my son. And it's not even his birthday till Monday!

    Engagement party and house cleaning 2: The cleananing :(

    Where are you up to in Zelda, Mark? I just got to the water place. Lately it's been a pretty big grind.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 here and maybe Soul Calibur V if I decide to buy it.

    I suspect I'll just being enjoying the calm before the storm, next week Kingdoms of Amalur. Then Twisted Metal. Then Alan Wake: American Nightmare. Then I Am Alive. Then SSX. Then Mass Effect 3. :P

    Final Fantasy XIII-2, Soul Calibur V and maybe some Killzone 3.

    Probably playing a fair bit of Uncharted 3, then if I finish that I might get started on Space Marine or Skyward Sword.

      PLAY IT!!
      PLAY IT NOW!!

        Haha, I have a number of games asking to be played, as I was very fortunate and got given quite a lot for Christmas. Space Marine and Skyward Sword are but two of them. Ico/Shadow of the Collossus HD are in that pile too (as was Uncharted and Arkham City, which I only finished last week), so it's a tough choice for what to play next.

        The FOV is too tight, I get sick playing it.

        Needs an FOV option.

    Exams start next week, with Macro Economics being Monday morning.

    I'll be cramming like a mad man

    I'll be finishing off Dead Island, which I have been playing on and off for quite a while now. I'm at the prison and almost finished, just need to finish it off.
    Finally started Skyward Sword last weekend, loving it but it hasn't hooked me quite yet.
    Also have Witcher 2 on standby, but I probably won't have time.

    Since I won't be getting my RE:Revelations and FFXIII-2 from PlayAsia till next week, I'll probably smash some more TF2 and FFXIV. Might play the RE:Revelations demo just to make myself feel bad.

    I shall be partaking in Resident Evil: Revelations and Darksiders! Thank you for listening (reading)

      Ooh, that's right - I borrowed Darksiders from my brother. THAT can be the action game that I play this weekend :)

      Oh dude, I forgot about Darksiders! Got it off PSN for like $20 the other week and totally forgot about it. Should do it before Darksiders 2 hits. Dammit! It's easy to forget when it's a digital copy and you don't have a case sitting there going 'PLAY ME. YOU'RE CRAP. PLAY ME. DON'T PLAY THAT GAME. PLAY THIS ONE.'

      It's a bit of fun too. Would've been sad if I'd spent $80+ when it was new, but for $20 it's a steal.

        Yeh aye! I got the physical version for $30 at EB. I rarely leave good titles till they're cheap, but now is a great time to catch up on this :)

    Hoping to find the time to download the Twisted Metal beta and thats probably about it.

    I will be playing Ghost Trick on my iPad, as you all should.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 for me, played a few hours last night and got up to the start of chapter 2., so far I am disappointed. I was greeted with frequent frame rate drops, quick time events (so I cant actually watch the cinematic as I'm looking for the next trigger) and stupid 'what do you think' scenes.
    It seems so far to be a crappy western RPG/JRPG hybrid.

    I really hope it picks up, but so far I liked the beginning of FFXIII much more.

    Finishing off Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. Only just recently got around to a second playthrough to pick up all the extra characters.

    Prolly getting Space Marine from the Steam sale they have atm

      Looks like Steam Mobile App gets it's first use. Thanks for the heads up!

      NB: My wallet does not thank you, however.

    Pineapple Smash Crew, Fortune Summoners, League of Legends, and mebe Pixeljunk Eden.

    Probably nothing.
    Maybe De Blob 2 and/or Demon's Souls.

      they're polar opposites!!....made me laugh

    Skyrim..maybe. Probably not. I'd like to squeeze in The Reckoning demo so I can score that ME3 weapon. I almost go through the 45 minutes, but then had to switch it off. *sad face* Incidentally, the game itself looks quite fun. A similar inventory comparison system would've been nice in Skyrim.

      I just left the demo open in the background, remember after 25 mInutes the demo will pause automatically to tell you to finish up quests. Once I was convinced I'd like the game I didn't want to get too far into it. Will save that for proper playthrough.

        I agree. I'd like to wait for the full experience too. Good plan re. leaving it running.

    Hopefully I'll find time to continue Skyward Sword after starting last weekend, just up to the first flame but I've got no idea how far through that is.

    Soul Calibur.


    If you're going to pick this game up, it's definitely much more geared towards MP and character customisation, so keep that in mind.

    Half-Life 2, and more than just 30 minutes ;)

      Who's this guy ^^


        I am Steve-Zero, by your avatar I'd have thought you would be Larry ;)

    If I get any time I'll be knocking the God of War trilogy off my to play list. GoW1 and 2 are done. I've just offed Helios in 3 so I've got a bit more to get through. Then I'll be bouncing back to DCS A-10C and learning more about weapons systems. As much as I love my girlfriend, dating her chews alot of my weekend time.

    Skyrim, for quite a while I think. Got strangers wrath HD on ps3 as well so a crack may be had at that, loved the abe oddworld games but never owned an xbox.

    More Witcher 2 since it no longer crashses my PC!

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