What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Video games. There are now a lot of them I would like to be playing, but there isn't enough time! Here's the crazy thing: I might just have to abandon GTA V for a while.

I know, crazy talk, blah blah blah, but I'm having a hard time motivating myself to play it and there's a whole host of games I want to check out: Pikmin 3, Beyond: Two Souls, The Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD. These are all games I haven't even tried yet. And next-gen consoles are coming out soon! It's all feeling a little bit claustrophobic. This isn't what gaming is supposed to feel like!

So yeah, feeling a bit behind on it all. What are you all planning to play this weekend?


    Beyond: Two Souls. Hopefully finish it off over the weekend because I'm going away for a week on Monday so won't get to play it then. At least I've now got a Vita to take with me :D


    I'm going on a Journey a day for a week.

    Also board games tomorrow and I'm considering starting the A-Z challenge in Dota where you play every hero in alphabetical order, only moving on to the next one once you win. That will take a while.

      I recently got Ikusa (formerly known as Shogun) and am dying to try it out. Can't get my friends together for a few weeks though :-(

    GTA V- lost a bunch of my progress, so I've had to go back and replay a couple of missions.

    Also, board games and Bathurst watching... I know little about Bathurst, so my comments will be limited to

    "The Problem with Holdens is they just try to walk it in"

      Shit yeah, Bathurst!

      Shame there's not many drivers I like in the V8's any more :P with Skaife being a commentator and not allowed to race due to him being on the board and it would be a conflict of interest ugh. There's always the Kelly brothers & Garth Tander though. Even if the Kelly brothers switched to Nissan, such betrayal :P

        Yep, those are certainly car related terms *nods head*

        how about.. that... engine...cowling?

          Don't forget to make sure your headlight fluid is topped up.

            And the speed holes, makes the car go faster.

              Removing most of the dead weight and just having the chassis, a seat to sit in and the engine makes it go faster too! Who needs all that other stuff, pfft.

    I am going to resign my position as mayor in New Leaf so that I can begin my journey to become a Pokemon Master.

    Pikmin 3!
    Being a huge Nintendo-fanboy (there...I can admit that....) and having not played any of the Pikmin games before, I am keen to see how it goes on the Wii U.
    That....and given I picked up a Wii U cheap when Dick Smith were selling them off, I would be keen to see how a proper game on the Wii U goes.

    Some GTA Online, some Beyond: Two Souls and some Pokemon.

    I've been playing ME3 again on PS3 - played through all 3 games on PC but ditched windows before citadel DLC came out. Also using it to train my brain away from wanting inverted X axis for the camera :)

    Also trying to get through Skyward Sword and Psychonauts and a big backlog of PS+ freebies.

      Steam OS and Mantle for the future win!

        hmm just read up on Mantle - does moving away from DirectX mean that cross platform support (ie mac/pc) would be easier?

          Yes but the biggest advantage is they will be able to get low level access to the vid card to get more performance like a games console.
          No more pc being 5x more power but not actually showing it.

            sweet deal :) although I am still most excited about mac porting being easier - i only have my macbook pro work machine these days and sux not seeing that little steamplay icon next to some cool games :)

    My entire weekend will consist of the Zombie Walk and Pocket Monsters! I'm not allowed to play Beyond Two Souls without my girlfriend apparently so that will wait a bit

      There's a Zombie Shuffle in the town I live on Halloween, thinking about participating, but I'll most likely have to work.

        It's good stuff, it's great checking out everyones costumes. I'd recommend you take the night off work haha. Only problem is that it takes so long to get ready, it's going to eat away alot of my pokemon time :(

    Gonna try and knock off Beyond: Two Souls this weekend, then get back and try to finish GTA. Gotta say, I'm not as enthused with BTS as I thought I'd be, especially after watching some parts I'd done with different decisions made, but which resulted in exactly the same sequence of events. I hope it branches out a bit more, and isn't as claustrophobic and linear as it's seemed thus far.

    I downloaded State Of Decay the other night, so I'll be continuing with that. I'll be playing some Skylanders as well, to try and get my whole collection levelled up to level 15 before Skylanders: Swap Force comes out next week.

    Yes, I'm a sad-case, I know.

    Also, Bathurst watching on Sunday.


    I've got to finish that damn game before Batman comes out

    I am struggling to believe that some people are not playing POKEMON.

    Dragon's Crown with friends, and then some Disgaea D2. I'll also be playing some Etrian Odyssey IV and probably sneak in some Terraria as well.

    Let us know about Pikmin 3 and wonderful 101 - I have mine coming an year now (ozgameshop) and I'm keen to play them. Got Wind Waker HD also and it's pretty cool so far, except I cant invert the vertical camera :/

    I'll be playing my backlog of 234345 games.

    Seriously though - probably gonna crack open my first game ever on the WiiU, with my gf. Probably NSMBU or NintendoLand.

      My girlfriend and I had a bunch of fun playing the Metroid and Zelda mini games on Nintendo Land. Enjoy!

    If Wind Waker arrives today, then Wind Waker.

    Or else GTAV. I've finished the story, now I need to find all the stuff.

      Yep, I'm going for 100% of GTA V

        Me too, been hunting everything down in between playing other games. Think I've only got 1 stranger, the bail bonds missions, stunt jumps, flying under bridges, and a bunch of hobbies/pastimes to finish it off.

    Not going to be able to get Two Souls until next week, so probably more GTAV. My wife is done with GTAV for now after being disappointed with her first GTAOnline experience (much as I was) so she has decided to try out Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero which we got for free via our Xbox Live Gold membership last month - mainly because those are download titles and she didn't have to take out the GTAV disc if I wasn't done with it.

    I'm tempted to get back into DR2 myself. I played about halfway through Case Zero after we first downloaded it then took a break to return to GTAIV/Lost & Damned.

    Parents are visiting, that means being a good host and not playing games :|

    GTA Online as much as I can. I want to get rich and might spam that Violent Duct mission to earn some $$$ so I can start building my empire properlly.

    More GTA Online. Last night I felt I finally had a good experience. Half dozen death-match sessions, good matchmaking. Finally got a sub machine gun and rose to level 5. Eager for more now :-)

    Also plenty left to do in the campaign. Poor Ni No Kuni. I will return to it... One day...

      Ni No Kuni is awesome and well worth finishing.

    I might finish The Last Of Us (but probably won't) and I might finish the single player campaign in Card Hunter (more likely) and probably play bits and pieces of casual games.

    For various reasons I haven't picked up games I assumed months ago that I would (Total War Rome 2, The Bureau) or that I considered due to positive word of mouth (Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn). The PS4 might be the harbinger of my return to gaming... it's really been a very quiet year for me on the gaming front, largely due to having much less time to myself.

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