While You Were Sleeping

Blah blah blah... something about it being Friday. Blah blah blah this is where we look at news from overnight. Blah blah blah, something something I'm feeling really tired... let's just get on with it shall we!

As we barrel towards the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo wants us to know that it hasn't forgotten about the 3DS! So last night was all about the 3DS, and the games coming out for the device. And just a little bit about the Wii U. Looks as though Nintendo has just launched its own version of iTunes.


Also, I found this story, about one child's dream day inside Nintendo Japan, pretty cute.

The Civilization Online MMO will let players try to rule the world, as you might expect, and Dishonored DLC is on its way!

In Short Civilization Online MMO Will Let Players Try To Rule The World Nintendo Shows Off All The 3DS Games They're Releasing In The Near Future Dishonored Release Dunwall City Trials DLC This December Nintendo Just Unveiled Its Own iTunes One Child's Dream Day Inside Nintendo's Japanese Headquarters


    What's with people sleeping like crap last night? I mean, YAY FRIDAY and all, but still, I need another coffee.

    Every friday.
    EVERY FRIDAY I wake up feeling hungover even when I haven't had anything to drink.

    Maybe I should just get blind one thursday night and see if things are any different.

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