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You folks have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Are you excited about Legend of Korra? Why aren't you excited? Be excited dammit!

    why hasn't "name" been banned yet?


        Yeah +1. At least if we had accounts and could not post anonymously then perhaps you could IP ban them.

          Why doesn't Kotaku have accounts? I'm asking out of curiosity, not as an accusation that you don't have good reasons.

            Apparently this is in the pipeline! :D


              Sweet. Maybe I'll add a sweet pick of myself so all of can see how handsome I am*.

              *voted number one handsome man by my Nana.

          Which doesn't really help since most people have multiple IP's these day's. Phone/work/ipad(if it has a sim)/home.

          And not everyone lives in a house where the IP is only used by a single person.

          Imagine you got blocked because an idiotic relative/housemate etc posted something moronic

    What are your thoughts on the new Tomb Raider? Do you think it'll live up to the hype? I personally love the new direction of the series. I always thought Lara Croft had become a relic of gaming, out staying her welcome -- not changing to the point of being a superficial shell that had no real character. (Or consistant character anyway.) It's good to see her getting more depth. The survival element looks great too.

      I predict many complaints from people saying it's too different from the original and thus, not worth playing. But then again, name me one game that doesn't get that kind of resonse.

    So.........Tracey. You like.... stuff?

      The doctor says I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there.

    After much consideration, I decided to pop my comic book cherry with The Walking Dead. I haven’t had a chance to unwrap it yet. Do you think this was a good idea?

      No, if only because from this point on you are spoiled and nothing else will compare to it.

    Did you know & looks like a guy dragging his bum against the floor?

    If you didn't, enjoy being unable to unsee that!

      IT DOES TOO!

      &&& - human centipede of bum draggers

    You're being by an international group of ninja terrorists because you wrote an article that accidentally reflected poorly on their actions. You need to move to another part of the world, that you've never been to and nobody would suspect you of going to, and take on a new job completely unrelated to anything you currently have experience in.

    Where do you go and how do you make your living?

    Also, is your passport up to date?

      This $233 to lodge your passport application is such BS.
      I know passports are fancy these days, but... man that is a lot of money just for a booklet.

    Tracey, Mark, have either of you tried out SWTOR yet? You have no reason not to have, what with all the free weekends :P
    I could even sound you guys those 7 day friend passes if you wanted them ;)

    Where are all the dinosaur games? Seriously though, imagine an interactive version of Walking With Dinosaurs.

    The publishers would love it because new discoveries (feathers) could be DLC.

    Purposely leaving out anything to do with a certain island zoo....

      I'm still bummed that B.C. by Lionhead never eventuated.

        I tried out a version of it that got leaked back in 2007/2008 seems like mechanics were in place but it felt as though it was really lacking any form of substance... They were right to claim the project was ambitious. Could have been groundbreaking

      If there is one Dino game that needs to be made, or just the series to be resurrected, Dino Riders...

      So much awesome!

        Man I loved Dino Riders. Had so many of those bloody toys including the T-Rex and Brontosaur. Huge they were to. They don't make toys or cartoons like that anymore. Ah the good old days.

        I have that pic on the cover of my old VHS Dino Riders. I've been too scared to look at it for over 5 years, because I know VHS degrades so easily and I don't want to say goodbye just yet.

        Waiting for a DVD release. Waiting. Waiting....

          Go all or nothing, take the VHS to someone to convert it into a digital format!

          If you too scared to watch it again, then the end result is the same if the transfer stuffs up... but if it works, you can watch it anytime, anywhere on anything!

      a Primal Rage reboot is all I'm asking for.

    Im curious about your cartridge based review copies (Vita/DS/3DS). Are you given boxed/retail copies, or are they specifically plain-labelled "not for resale" and "promotional copy" carts similar to the PS3/360 discs?

      I've got a couple of promotional copies of games and they're all in slightly more simple boxes (pretty much pre-order boxes at best, sometimes just white boxes with the product name on them) with "PROMOTIONAL COPY -NOT FOR RESALE" printed on the disc.

    What games should I be excited about?

    Without the internet at home I can't try out Journey or any XBL/PSN games.

    Also, can you please harass PixelJunk about Dungeons, ever since I heard about it I've been champing at the bit.

      But even if PixelJunk Dungeons was available next week, how would you get it if you have already mentioned that you wouldn't be able to try any PSN games!


      No internet at home? Provider issues, or you literally dont have internet connected?

        I moved into a mates house not too long ago, and he didn't have the internet. So I signed up with TPG, then a week later they tell me I have no cabling. So I call Telstra, get them to come and run a new line to my house, this costs me $300 (plus a $100 cancellation fee). Then I let TPG know, and they inform me that they will let me know when it is getting installed. 4 angry emails later, and they finally tell me it's getting installed on the second of April. It's been killing me without the net! Almost 2 months now!

          i feel ur pain.... lol i was lucky... the missus and eye recently bought the house next door to my parents.... was going to take 3 weeks for optus to transfer my services so i literally ran a 30mt Cat 6 Network cable from my parents house accross the fence and into my router. :)

          Finally got my services transferred but ive literally gone from a 97.8mbps DOCSYS 3 cable connection to a 7mbps. Which translates from me downloading files on average at 15 megabytes a second - yes megabytes, to 550 killobytes a second now.... :/

          All because Optus's Fibre/Coax Hybrid is unavailable in my area... :(

          Wow, this sounds really familiar... Moved into a newly converted set of units (used to be a shop, I think) at the end of January, no cabling into the place. Building Manager's been bounced around by Telstra and Optus ever since... I got tired of waiting and picked up a mobile stick just for I Am Alive, Alan Wake, and Journey - expensive, but those three games made it worth it.

            If you have even some basic level of technical know how, you can actually get mobile broadband for dirt cheap.

            1. Basically u need a USB or WiFI 3G modem/ dongle or anything
            2. Purchase a optus mobile (not broadband!) prepaid sim
            3. Activate it on the $2 a day deal.
            4. Take note of the APN name
            5. Stick it in the modem, install software, make sure u use the custome APN name

            And voilla, you have UNLIMITED broadband internet access for $2 a day and can use it anywhere. What many people dont know about this $2 phone detail is that it is uncapped speed wise, and limit wise.

            Oh and yes you can even ignore all the above and just tether from a phone, that way u can make use of the unlimted calls and sms included in the deal as well.

              Why didn't I know about this? Wow, thanks! Now just need to unlock my 3G modem.

                No prob!

                hit me up if u need help!

      Trials Evolution* is the answer to all of your problems :)

      *This suggestion is being provided by a known fanboy and should be disregarded, unless you like awesome games!

        Yeah I will totally be getting on board with that.. I forgot about 1000 Heroz for a month or so, and now I'm too far behind to get back into it.

      Here's the ones i'm excited about this year (totally a PC gamer), in sorta chronological order:

      April 17: Witcher 2 EE (already have it, but patch will be worth another playthrough)
      May 15: Diablo 3
      May 15: Max Payne 3
      June 26: Darksiders 2
      Sept 18: Borderlands 2 (probably will be my GOTY)
      October 16: BioShock Infinite (also GOTY candidate)

      Honorable mentions:
      October 30: AC 3
      No date, but hopefully 2012: GTA 5, Guild Wars 2

      Bam! No new IP's, awesome. :(

    Based on the reviews should I go back on my pre-order of the collectors edition for Ninja Gaiden 3?

      But boobies.

        We kind of live in an age where a google search for that word will get more and better results then what's offered in videogames.

        Although I will admit, there was one moment in Ninja Gaiden 2 with the hot "FBI" agent that was hilarious.

    I think I'm gonna start posting this everyweek til we get some results! Where's the video of you harassing people with your Megaphone?! :0

    Why does everything I wanted to play last night have weekly maintenance on at the same time?

      Might be deliberately synchronised to stop gamers from 'jumping ship' and maybe never coming back...

    How are you doing? Whats your koolezt animal?

      Probably Regice
      It can control the temperature around it down to -200 Celcius.

    Mark, did you end finishing Mass Effect 3 in light of the whole "ending" controversy?

    If so, what did you think?

    Hi Mark, I had asked this question last week but I must have been late because you didn't reach the 2nd page. I forgive you though :-)
    Blaghman gave me an opinion on the issue(thanks Blaghman) but I'd love to hear yours as well.

    Anyway my question was:

    Mark what, according to you, is the most appropriate level of community interaction on a website?

    Sometimes I read personal blogs and there are two replies asking questions or giving their opinion on the topic and the original author doesn’t reply. Should the writer respond? What is the point of someone posting a comment if the original writer doesn’t respond in any way?
    Some posts receive thousands of comments and it would be unreasonable to expect a reply to all the comments but maybe a follow up piece is warranted?
    Are crowd sourced features the answer? Should facebook and twitter pages be different and not just other avenues to re-post content from the site?

    Also this weeks question (if you get the time to answer both)

    Did you get a chance to talk to Sony about the issues with online passes and pre-order codes for digital games on the PSN store? I think I sent you an email last week.


      I see Tracy is answering some questions. I'd love her input as well.

    Where do you stand on users slagging off contributors in the comments? Is there any way to ban these fools based on the email address they use to post with?

    also, I reported that comment last night & it didnt say it was flagged for review or anything, but that might just be a thing with the new layout.

      I dont think so due to being able to put in any email address when posting. So until we have accounts and anonymous posting is no longer an option I guess there is nothing to be done.

      I don't think it's completely out of line to take issue with some of the material that the US contributors post.

      I can think of one particularly horrible story about a young man who suffered genital mtuilation at the hands of two women that Brian Ashcraft posted. The tenuous link to gaming was that he was playing games before he was called over and the incident occurred. Stuff like that has no business being on a site that touts itself as "The Gamer's Guide" in my opinion.

      Thankfully, Kotaku AU opted to post this particularly horrible post from the US website:

      If I have an issue with posts from US contributors now, I raise them with Kotaku US EIC, Stephen Totilo via Twitter. He's responded more often than not and seems genuine with regards to taking feedback on board. Leaving an aggressive comment on the AU site probably won't achieve much.

      I don't think the US writers would be bothered too much by comments on the AU site anyway.

        without commening one way or the other on the articles themselves, I just think its really poor form for some random person to be so hateful towards someone when the cause of their greiviance is so easily avoided - dont click on the articles written by the contributors your not interested in hearing from.

        but then again trolls will troll regardless.

          Agreed that there's no need for hate, but I've sometimes seen that commenters are targeted when they comment on the irrelevance of an article too. It goes both ways.

          I think a commenter should be able to question the validity/point/relevance of a post without fear of reprisal. I know these commenters could just avoid posts from repeat offenders, but sometimes these authors interesting stuff as well; so why discriminate?

    Do you prefer having the option of multiple endings for a game or a single unified ending?
    (I didn't have ME3 in mind with this question so no ME3 talk would be awesomely appreciated :)

      I'm going to reply even though I'm neither Mark or Tracey.

      Chrono Trigger is my "All Time Most Favourite Ever of All Time", part of that is the multiple endings that can be achieved. Many of these endings require additional effort to achieve, however there's still at least 3 different endings that can be achieved through following just the main story (4 if you count the game over screen). More over, the difference in many of the game's endings are the result of choices made by the player.

      But you asked about which was preferred, and I'd much rather a single unified ending; it's certainly neater, and the reality is if you can't get a single ending right, then attempting to write an additional 3 or 4 is only going to be a disservice to video games. I think I could be satisfied with a "middle ground" - provide a single unified end to the main story, but allow for additional "bonus" endings for completing side chapters and player "choice" - that's close to how most of Chrono Trigger's endings are handled.

    Hi Mark,

    What I'm about to ask is pretty controversial.

    Do you think it's hypocritical for Kotaku to take a generally anti-piracy view when this site (mostly the American contributors) engages in content theft? This is why I actually get quite pissed off at the one line articles. Some poor guy has worked their ass off to produce something people will want to see/read, and then they don't get any hits because Kotaku appropriates it. In many respects, I'd take less issue if the one line articles were just a link to the source and nothing more.

      People are defending writers who 1- BASICALLY plaugerise and 2- have done NO research or verification. I am not condoning personal attacks but WTF ?!!

    Who would win a three-way fight between fifty cowboys, fifty Knights Templar, and a fifty-foot living statue of Abraham Lincoln?

      I'd put my money on Lincoln (though Sam & Max have proven me otherwise).

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