Aussie Nintendo Store - Golden Oldies

Apart from a new demo its a flash back update this week, you probably have played both these games before and one of them already might be on your Nintendo 3DS anyway.

3DS Virtual Console Punch-Out!! (NES, Nintendo, $7.50) The first non-ambassador NES title is on the eShop. But its up to you to decide if you want to pay for it again on the 3DS. It's quite good.

Super Mario Bros. (NES, Nintendo, $7.50) If you need me to explain what this is you need to be shot in the head. Now that's a bit harsh, but really I'll do it.

3DS Demos Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Sega, Free) The old 'Nintendo Fanboy' in me still is disgusted by this Sonic filth on my my Nintendo system. Not really but it's Sonic and Mario playing a whole bunch of Olympic games and it's quite good.


    This would never happen (technically can't either right now I suppose) but a Virtual Console purchase of those games should sync to the eShop. Would be stealing right out of Apple's playbook.

    $7.50 kinda seems a bit pricey to me...

      Good point. Articles that ask "Are smartphones killing the handheld gaming market?" are a dime a dozen these days - and part of the reason smartphone games are so popular is the price point. I don't know if I've ever paid $7.50 for an iPhone app, and generally if something is $5.99, I'll hit 'back' and never think of it again.

      If Nintendo is losing ANY market share to smartphones [and we know they are] they need to seriously consider how fair it is to charge me $7.50 for a game I've already bought multiple times when I can try out something new and different for a buck.

        Surely you're not comparing the value of Super Mario Bros to the value of your average iPhone app?

          I think he just did... amazing

            The value may be higher for SMB, but its over 20 years old. Nintendo have made their profit on that game a million times over. They "should" be able to sell these games for $1, heck they should be able to give them away for free. It would move more consoles, which in turn would still make it profitable for them.
            Super Mario Bros is only worth $1 these days, maybe $2 at most.

              Hahahahahahaha, iPhone games, hahahaha man they were fun, for about a day 5ish years ago

              They should have the classics on the e shop for free to give newcomers a taste of Nintendo history

          Actually, I think it's a fair comparison. SMB has dated a fair bit, it's very difficult and you can't pick up and play the game, you have to start from the beginning every single time. SMB3 has fared a lot better, but that's not the version they're charging $7.50 for.

          I'd rather have a new GameDev Story than Super Mario Bros anyday.

      I was probably all set to get an eshop card and buy SMB - but $7.50 has put me right off - esp when you can play things like Super Mario Crossover for free...

    The 3DS virtual console should have SNES games! I'd be all over it if id did!!

    $7.50 for a NES game? Sheesh!

    It isn't as bad as $9 for a GBC games or Xevious, but still!

    All the games on the store should at least be a few bucks cheaper. I'm not just saying this as a consumer either. Nobody is going to buy this stuff compared to 99c-$3 iPhone games.

    RE Mario stealing all our coins.

    Everybody knows it's because of all the people who are pirating current generation games on Nintendo devices.

    That is so the reason.


    Nintendo are kidding themselves!!!
    $7.50 for a game from over 20 years ago or 99c for most new games on your iProduct.
    When are Nintendo going to 'get it'?

    $3/$6/$9 would be a somewhat more agreeable structure on NES/SNES/N64 games. The only way they could justify charging more would be if they added more features and updated them in any way. Which they won't.

    NIGGA STOLE MY MONEY...and my bike. I'm not complaining about the prices. I'm gonna get Punch-Out.

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