Can A Vita Survive Being Dropped?

I dropped my Vita over the weekend. Luckily, it landed on grass and was totally fine. These guys aren't dropping their Vita on grass. They're dropping it on a road. Over and over again. For science.

As part of their highly practical "drop test" series, Gizmo Slip let the Vita fall to the bitumen four times from a height of 1.2m to simulate the effects of the handheld, I don't know, falling out of your backpack or hands.

If you can get past the hypnotic slow-motion footage of the Vita bouncing, you'll see it's one tough little handheld.


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    Don't give your vita to Skrillex, motherfucker drops everything.

      / wacks Puppylicks with a rolled up newspaper!

      Bad Puppylicks!!

    To be honest, I cringed during the slow mo impact moments.
    I'm such a nerd.

    of course it can, only Apple devices are made of glass...literally

      Arrrrrr apple....The worst products ever made that have the best marketing ever...dumb geniuses?

      wait...who's the dumb one?

    what a f'n waste

      not really, from the looks of things ((Spoiler Warning))Bar a few stratches the Vita was still perfectly fine, which to be totally honest really surprises me((End Spoilers))

      Also this is a good reference for people who own the console, like myself, to see just how much damage the Vita will absorb if it is accidentally dropped.

    i have dropped mine by mistake onto tiles when i stood up once, so it would have been from 1.3m or so.
    very small dint on the left hand corner.
    pretty tough

    It bounces really nicely...

    Ahh... but does it blend?

    Its nice to know that Sony have built a sturdy device in case of the unfortunate time when you drop your vita.

    heart skipped a beat every time it hit the ground =(

    Lol cheap skates! Afraid of a measly 900 bucks..

    My Lexani rims are a waste on our roads, they don't compliment the Shit roads in NSW... I mean Australia!

    8k on rims, 4k on tyres.. Lol @cheapskates psvita hitting ground. I should run one over with my lexanis and post that up!! Carnage!

      $8000 on some of the ugliest rims ever made...who's the fool?

    Someone never had the balls to tell these fags they look horrid in those shitty hats.

    I for one am impressed.. I've worried constantly about what would happen if I dropped the damn thing.. but alas, protective nipples! there anything they can't save?

    I think it should be mandatory for each gadget test drop, that it undergoes an old nokia being dropped onto it, those things are indestructable

    Luke try it with your own.

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