Hey, A New Fez Trailer!

Fez is coming. It's coming soon, believe it or not. Here's a new trailer. Just to make the wait that little bit more unbearable.


    Isn't FEZ made by that piece of shit Phil Fish who insulted that Japanese developer at GDC? As much as I do agree with what he said. But the way he went on about it, is absolutely appalling.

    Don't believe me? See his tweets, he's still at it!!


      Yes. He's an arrogant piece of shit more interested in crafting an image for himself as some kind of indie God than actually getting his six years-in-development game released.

    The dude expressed himself very badly and he appears to be unrepentant about it, but it would be a shame for what appears to be a good game to get overshadowed by this.

    And i'm sure you all don't listen to music made by jerks, or read books made by jerks or even watch tv/movies made by jerks. Stop being so hypocritical.

      My friend. It is is very simple. All he had to do was fess up his gaffe. Instead, he took it to a whole new low.

      This arrogant lil' shit decided to keep up this behavior for everyone to see.

      It's not about hypocrisy, its about unacceptable human behavior.

    Interesting how often this seems to happen with the indi developers. Perhaps it'd happen more with the bigger studios too, if they weren't swaddled in a protective layer of carefully monitored marketing.

    Still, like others have said there's plenty of brilliant art that's been created by people who're less than pleasant. As long as they're not eating babies or funding a genocide or such like, you're often best to divorce the product from the creator.

    I don't know what everyone is whining about, it's about video games people. I mean really that trailer is what most game trailers should be like. Hopefully the game is just as impressive.

    Heck I don't hate on Tom Cruise movies just because he's a wacko.

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