Melbourne’s ACMI Will Have The Best Independent Games Of 2012

Melbourne’s ACMI Will Have The Best Independent Games Of 2012

The Best of the Independent Games Festival 2011 exhibition at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is set to end on March 25. Gloomy news, I know — my socks have been thoroughly marinated in a pool of liquid human despair formed by my tears. But! The leaking of said sad-fluids was premature, to say the least, because come March 27, ACMI will host the Best of IGF 2012.

The new exhibition will run until July 8 of this year and admission should be free, going by the cost of the centre’s current IGF showcase. Gamasutra reports that all the top titles from this year’s festival, including Polytron’s Fez (the grand prize winner), Spelunky from the ever-impressive Derek Yu and Dustforce by Brisbane-based Hitbox Team. In total, 14 games from IGF 2012 will be on display.

ACMI tends to run some excellent exhibitions — the gaming-centric ones are no exception — so if you have a chance to check it out, you should — damp socks be damned.

Best of IGF returns to Melbourne’s ACMI [Gamasutra]


    • I remember Game On! being pretty good. I wasn’t aware the IGF wasn’t up to the same standard. Certainly a shame. Hopefully they’ll do better with 2012.

      • Game On! Was excellent, the current exhibition is so-so but considering you can play Antichamber on a projector for free that aint so bad.

        • The current exhibition is embarrassing. However – the main gallery / exhibition was amazing!! It has its own little retro section where I could touch a spectrum!!!

  • never heard of it, and also didn’t know Dustforce was australian made, will have to check it out now.

  • I was thinking of going to Melbourne for a couple of days anyway. This gives me something to do while I’m there.

  • Why is Fez hailed as one of the best indie titles? It isn’t even out yet it’s winning all these awards. And the developer is a total douche and arrogant prick who thinks he is God’s gift to gaming.

  • Quick, someone go there and steal Faraway for me before the thing ends. I must have that game (in non-iOS form).

    And yes, between Solipskier, Nidhogg, Faraway and Antichamer, it IS excellent. and that Colour[something] game were pretty good also. And Bit.Trip.Runner was fun too. In fact I don’t know what you guys are complaining about.

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