Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? Due to people pointing out that the last game I used wasn't retro enough, I've decided to go with a game that is at least twenty years old ... because twenty years ago I was still figuring out potty training* so that's a long time ago!

*To be honest I don't know when I learned to use the bowl, so don't judge me.


    You sure this isn't the cover art from an Xbox console?

    Swear is looks like it could easily be something related to Dragonball

    Bionic Commando on the NES?

    Windows Vista default wallpaper?

    I'm guessing a sports game of sometype, maybe Baseball on GameBoy or Sports Quiz on PS2.

    Dr. Doom's Revenge on the good old ZX

    The Dig?

    There, the box art has been fixed. Tooth Man!

      This was, obviously, meant to go on the Too Human article. I choose to blame Chrome.

        Tooth Man is all I can see now!

    Porcelain Bus Simulator 2: A hair holding adventure

    Soul Reaver 2

    The green could be the reaver blade

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