Skyrim's Newest Update Makes Views To A Kill Much More Awesome

You're still playing Skyrim. With content from the game's Creation Kit making the game more weird and grand on a daily basis, why wouldn't you be? But maybe you're a bit tired of how all your finishing blows looks the same. Worry no more, Dovahkiin!

The 1.5 update's live on Steam now and will include new kill cams for melee, ranged and magic and a slew of other features and fixes. Bethesda says that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will get the update soon. For a full list of changes and fixes, go here.


    The exciting part is this:

    The new kill cams were featured as a concept in the Game Jam sizzle shown during Todd Howard’s DICE keynote. We plan on adding even more features with upcoming free updates and game add-on content.



    Fun, although I wonder how this will play with the realistic ragdoll forces mod which I highly recommend.

    Dare I go back to Skyrim? My character has been stuck there for a bit and
    has not leveled up for a few weeks now.. I wonder if he's pissed and want's to kill me.

      Jooooiiiinnnnn uuuuuusssssssssss....

    But is it optional?

    Hell yeah my intrepid adventurer's!

    Oh. Oh yes.

    if it brings the graphics update that the pc ver to my ps3, i'll happily become an adventurer again... until i take an arrow to the knee

    This is too awesome. It may actually make me go back to Skyrim!

    so sad i don't have an adequate PC system to run Skyrim. oh well will just have to keep it on the shelf until the first expansion......................

    this is cool, have only just started playing the game and i think i'll use the bow a lot more after this, bit gutting for people who have done everything and traded it already though

    I'm not still playing, because weeks of contact with Bethesda customer support has done nothing to get the game working. :/

    Im already back in Skyrim...

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