Aussie Nintendo Store: I Draw A Rainbow

There's just the one title this week for Australia, but it's kind of a big deal. It's not Mario, it's not Zelda and it's not Halo 4. Why would you think it was?

No, it's a drawing application and before you stop reading you might want to learn a little about it. Colors! 3D is a powerful drawing tool for the Nintendo 3DS. "Drawing on the 3DS? Why would I want to do that?" I hear you say. Well guess what, some people want draw on their 3DS and now they can.

Not only that, you can actually learn how to paint or paint in existing pieces of artwork. You can submit your paintings to an online gallery or paint with other Colors! users locally to create some great artwork. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but then again, some people drink coffee. That or Pepsi Max. Naturally you can also paint in 3D, painting on several layers to create 3D artworks.

Colors! 3D comes in at a hefty $9.00, and while it sounds like I'm having a laugh, this is a damn good piece of kit for drawing on the 3DS.

Apart from that there are some new episodes of Shaun the Sheep 3D and the Kid Icarus Anime on your Nintendo Video app that should have downloaded earlier in the week via SpotPass.

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    Ive been looking forward to this for a while. I'll be downloading it today!

    Thanks to Palutena I now see why they are called hot springs.

    I mean. Uhm. What? >.>

    What? Can you try telling me WHY it's a "damn good piece of kit"?

    I'm steadily getting over Kotaku and Gizmodo.

      And also: why the hell are you linking me to a different website to get "the most up to date Nintendo news!"? Isn't that what I'm coming HERE for?

        Because the guy who writes this article every week doesn't work for Kotaku and owns the site that's been linked to?

          But... that seems like a dumb deal for Kotaku. Or at least the wording does. "Daniel Vuckovic runs Australian Nintendo website" would make sense. "LEAVE OUR SITE TO FIND BETTER VIDEOGAME NEWS!" feels weird.

      It's an article to let you know what's out this week on the Nintendo Store, not to review them.

        If it's just to 'let me know', then it would be a list. He clearly says one of them is really good, with the only description being "you can learn to paint".

        What does that even mean!?

          If you watched the trailer that is available on your 3Ds you would find out it's like corel painter on your 3DS. You can draw and paint in 3D, you can send your drawings to other people which they can then watch you draw, or you can draw a picture with them.

            It's the same as/an updated version of the DS homebrew Colours, isn't it? I remember some of my friend sharing some amazing pictures they'd made with that back in the day.

              It's quite amazing what you can do with 256*192 pixels. I checked out that Art Academy game thinking it was going to be totally crap (like Draw Something) but damn, I was quite impressed.

    Hey guys,

    Yes it's true, I don't actually work for Kotaku. But it would be nice! I'm just lending a hand.

    Most of the games that come out I haven't played yet or before so you get something like this weeks article. If I have played it then I might do a little more of a review of the title in question.

    Seriously guys, some of the stuff that comes out if pure rubbish, I'm not playing them all!

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