EA Wants Need For Speed To Race Into Movie Theatres

For all that movies and games so often feel like they should be a natural partnership, they usually aren't. A huge number of films based on game franchises have been developed in the last 30 years or so, and most of them were awful.

This doesn't seem to be deterring EA, who are shopping around Hollywood to have a film created based on their Need for Speed franchise.

The latest entry in the series, Need for Speed: The Run, received a thoroughly mixed reception from critics and reviewers. But it did feature a popular cinematic trailer by explosion and loud noise connoisseur Michael Bay, from which EA has perhaps drawn their silver screen aspirations.

They hope to develop a film that echoes The Fast and the Furious series, which has been a profitable endeavour for Universal Studios (a sixth film is currently in production). The two franchises certainly have a great deal in common, and "spiffy cars go fast" has worked as a cinema favourite for quite some time. Perhaps Need for Speed will race to a cinema near you — with, no doubt, a tie-in console game release — in the future.

EA feeling 'Need for Speed' movie: Vidgame maker shops pitch to turn racing game into feature [Chicago Tribune]


    Here's the question. . . How could you make a Need For Speed movie without it being considered a complete and utter Fast and the Furious rip off?

      For starters, set it in Europe. I've only seen half of F&F 1 and Tokyo Drift, so I'm not entirely sure what the series is like, but maybe have the Need for Speed series a little more posh, classy. Less flashy neon, spiffed up cars. More stock looking, and exotic supercars maybe. Have it set not in the city, but out in the country, like in Hot Pursuit.

    God no. Just give us UG3!


      I'm yet to see a decent NFS game since UG2, Most Wanted went downhill, Carbon's drift mechanics/physics were complete utter balls and Undercover..... wtf was that?!

      anyway, you get my drift (EA surely lost it).

    Well as long as it's not overloaded with special effects and Computer Generated sports cars (I want to see the real deal, otherwise gtfo, seriously, don't even f***ing bother showing us fake crap), then I'll give it a chance. Don't slam this in our faces with some kind of attitude advertising either.

    Additionally, don't cast any of those twilight f***s to be in the film.

    I want REAL CARS, with REAL ACTORS, with REAL DRIVING SCENES. I want to see stunt drivers putting themselves in proper danger like the good old days. Anything less is not welcome.

      Very much agree they can enhance things with CGI such as dust, smoke, sparks.
      The Transporter was great but the sequels simply turned into Hollywood crap with Science Fiction stunts that throw physics out the window.

      Pretend there is no CGI and do as much for real like they did years ago if you want to be taken serious.

      Ronin, Drive, French Connection, Blues Brothers, Gone In 60 Seconds is what they need to aim for.
      As an example here is a great series of short films financed by BMW giving various directors freedom to develop what ever story they want to create around the main character portrayed by Clive Owen as The Hire. There are 8 in total, so search for the others


    apart from the fact that a movie like that has been made twice even cannonball run and cannonball run 2 but hey maybe I just missed that playing nfs run

    As long as they keep Uwe Boll and Michael Bay away from it, should be ok.

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