It's Silly When Video Games Try To Be Real

Video games can be pretty silly when you think about it. Save systems, over-the-top fashion designs, even entire concepts that a game is based on can make no sense outside of the video game world we're familiar with. What would happen if you made a video game real?

Well, Final Fantasy VII's Cloud would probably not be able to lug his ridiculously proportioned accessories around, for one thing. Military personell would be overzealous and... not so well-behaved. So, basically, hilarity would ensue.

If Video Games Were Real 2 [Smosh]


    Isn't this just the same pretense behind every joke in every video game web comic ever?

    Not that funny, terrible haircuts.

      Yeah it was kind of hit and miss.. The Call Of Duty one made me laugh though

      Indeed... I thought their haircuts were part of the skit.

    Worst. Solid Snake impression. Ever.

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