So, What's The Deal With Tribes: Ascend In Australia?

I spotted a thread about Tribes: Ascend over on Reddit claiming that "there are barely any players" in Australia and that the game was "full all the time" just two weeks ago. As I write this, the thread has over 250 comments, though many are not from our neck of the woods. It then occurred to me there's a very easy way to get a health check on the local Tribes: Ascend scene. You're reading it right now.

We caught wind of Australian servers in October last year, which was more than enough to pique our interest above the usual levels.

Now, the game has been out since April 12, so it's had a bit over two weeks to settle in. If you're playing it (or have played it) do you think it's died off? Obviously, there's always a spike in players to begin with — as people decided whether it's their cup of tea or not, numbers will naturally settle.

Have they dropped off too much? Or is the original Reddit poster exaggerating? The core issue for me is that we always complain about companies not providing local servers for games, particularly MMOs, and if Tribes: Ascend is already experiencing unsustainable numbers as the poster claims, it doesn't help our side of the argument.

Why has Tribes Ascend died off as quick? It had such a fantastic start. [Reddit]


    Just played a match then, it was full of players.

    I play it a few times a week and I've never had a game that was less than 8 people.

    I played alot in the closed beta, the game gets boring pretty quick. I cant see the US servers staying full for too long either.

    I've played almost every day since closed beta and there has been no shortage of players, ever.

    I didn't actually realize it was already out

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Ive been playing a fair bit in the last 2 weeks and it has by no means been boring or empty. Servers tend to thin out after midnight but that is to be expected.

    I've never played an empty match. 95% full the other 5% maybe two slots open. I've played a few games every day since a few weeks before beta ended.

    Servers can start quiet, but it's rare they stay that way!

    I got an invite to the beta and played twice, both times were a max of 4 players and they all quit pretty quick, this was on weeknights mind you.

    Never had to wait for a server.

    is it on xbox?

    oh... that explains why im not playing it

      you would get sooooooooo owned on an xbox.

        Indeed. Tribes has always, ALWAYS been a game that relies on the intricate aiming system and response times that only mouse and keyboard can provide. Personally, if they could give a control stick movement and mouse aiming for this game I'd be in heaven...

        im sure i would

        but when it costs me $200 to get an xbox vs $800 for a semi decent gaming rig... yea... i like my $200 investment that only seem to need to upgrade every 6 years

        theres a reason i gave up pc gaming... too expensive to keep upgrading the system

          There has not really been a need to upgrade a computer system for the last four years though.

          And when you buy a pc you buy a workstation, a gamingstation and a communication tool. Totes worth the investment

            ya, but my core2duo still functions fine along with my 6600gt

            but i love the fact that games made for a xbox look good on a xbox, games made for pc look good on the higher end cards

            im not gonna spend 200 on a vid card and have my cpu bottleneck my entire system, just not worth the inconvenience

            but ya, loved tribes 2... when (if?) this hits xbox, it better have a kick ass sound track like tribes 2

              Looks like a fun game but my PC would choke horribly, that's the only thing with a lot of these new FTP games (Super Monday Night Combat is another example) the specs are too high for my PC, so there's no point.

              The second these FTP purveyors get involved in the console marketplace the better for them as their potential market will greatly increase.

                Tribes Ascend runs on the Unreal Engine, which is highly optimized, it runs well on low end machines. Settings go really low, and the game is still very playable at those settings.

          I'm still running an old Q6600 with only 4gb's of ram, and an old GTX260. This thing still runs games very well, the CPU itself is over 6 years old roughly. What's expensive about that? It's a beast, even for it's age.

    It's boring once you understand the game play. A lot of things don't work due to basically poor design. The argument about local servers isn't relevant. Put shit on a local server and no one will play, but a place an awesome game on a local server and ozzies will flock to it

    I find Capture and Hold seems to be low pop occasionally (4-6 people)
    CTF and Deathmatch are always 15+ people each side whenever I join.

    It's a great game and you don't have to fork out any $$$ at all to give it a go, well worth the download IMO.

    i couldnt find a single game happening for 'capture and hold'. But capture the flag seems popular.

    Always has players

    What IS the deal with Tribes? At Kotaku I've heard more in about what Bashcraft is jacking off to in the last month than ANYTHING about Tribes in the last year...what does that tell you?

    I've been playing since the Closed Beta. Recognise the same people over and over again. You could say there are plenty of players, but there aren't as many new ones entering the scene.

    There always seems to be players on the CTF maps when I play.

    Never had a problem with number of players, except at weird times time 7am Monday.
    Hope it keeps going strong. Totally loving it. VGA!

    Is it on Steam? If not, never heard of it.

    (Seriously though, if it hasn't been on Steam, I haven't seen it. Nor have any of my 6 friends who regularly game).

    Capture and Hold and Arena matches are generally pretty quiet, the rest usually full games. Great game, takes a few matches to get used to the gameplay but after that, wooooo! Tribes baby!

    Never heard of it before this article. Will investigate.

    Dont have this Issue, always had a game full of players, up to rank 8 already

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