Xbox 360 Sales Down Almost 50% Year-On-Year

It could be the fact that the market is saturated, it could just be the direct result of a really strong 2011, but Microsoft has released it's Q3 financials, and in the Jan-Mar period of 2012 it sold 1.4 million 360s globally, compared to 2.7 million last year.

This is despite the fact that the Xbox 360 remained the largest selling console in the US for the 15th month running.

Xbox 360 revenue also fell 33% to $584 million.

Microsoft appears to be blaming the relatively poor results on a 'soft market', but it's probably worth noting that there was a fair bit of fervour around the Kinect launch this time last year, which most likely accounts for last years inflated numbers.

It's probably also worth noting that Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division reported a 35% increase in research and development — which could be linked to work on the next Microsoft console launch — but that is, of course, simply speculation at this point.

Lifetime sales of the Xbox 360 currently sits at 67 million, which is a healthy number. The PlayStation 3 is sitting at 62 million, with the Wii at 90 million.

Global Xbox 360 sales down nearly 50% year-on-year [Eurogamer]


    Microsoft has also improved reliability of their product resulting in many folk not having to purchase a new xbox every couple of years.

      Good console warrioring.

      so I guess we should expect a rollback on that design choice next generation...

    Comparing it against the christmas season...

      It's comparing Jan-Mar 2012 to Jan-Mar 2011 (although with the Kinect being released in Nov 2010, that would have also bumped 360 sales during that period).

      We're near the end of this console generation. The vast majority of people who were going to buy an Xbox 360 now own one.

      These figures are probably worse than Microsoft would like but I imagine that they would have expected something like this. I wouldn't be shocked if PS3 and Wii sales are also declining.

        PS3 sales are steady and climbing, from what I last heard - sort of a moderate, consistent drip rather than a full on flood and drought situation.

        Console warriors aside, it is interesting when you take into account failure rates (assuming each failure results in one more purchase) and launch dates just how well the PS3 is doing in comparison to the 360. The US market is totally a 360 lock, while Europe and Japan are PS3 "territory". I often think the currently lacklustre PSV sales in the US are intimately related to this situation, as PS3 owners are more likely to grab a PSV (ecosystem and all), while it's a big jump for 360 owners - that, and of course the lack of a large spread of Western system sellers.

        tl;dr: I'd argue that that PS3 will be the most successful (if successful = "sales"+"buy in" aka: multiple ongoing game purchases per console) console of the generation, despite the 360's head start.

          Didn't realise that the PS3 was still going strong. It might well come out ahead this generation but I don't really consider it a competition. Both MS and Sony have done rather well this generation and as a consumer, I'm happy with what I've got out of both systems.

          Yeah, it's much closer than some people would have you think. Probably because the US market is 360-dominated, and most of the major gaming sites are also US-based, so usually it's the US sales figures that get the most attention.

          PS Vita sales are abysmal in Japan, which is the strongest PS3 territory in the world. The whole ecosystem gambit doesnt seem to be paying off for Sony right now. It might in the future, but with this being the pointy end of the console generation and all three companies very clearly doing R&D in new hardware, it doesnt look likely. Now, if the new Sony console also syncs to the PSV as well, thats going to change things.

    "....probably worth noting that there* was a fair bit of fervour...."

    And HungryHendo, that's right. Most people interested in buying an Xbox would have done it earlier on. If I wanted an Xbox, I'd have one by now, and would have bought it long ago. I think it is only natural for sales to decline on a product that has been out for like 6-8 years.

    But I could know nothing, I'm just a simple geologist.

    MS numbers are shipped to retail, not sold to consumers. Could also be that they just shipped too many in the prior quarter.

      I think both Sony and MS have started providing sold instead of shipped over the last few years.

    The reason I havn't bought one is because the price is still far too expensive for a system which came out in 2005. The games i would buy on 360 I can either get for PS3 (with bugs...) or over Steam.

      360 still far too expensive ... has paid for a PS3

      Does not compute

        I think he's stating that since he already has a PS3, there are too few a number of 360 exclusives to justify the cost of buying the console - and that most of the games he would play are either available on PS3 or PC.

    yea coz every person that bought a 360 last year needs to buy a new one this year. fuck off microsoft.

    I think it's also because the world is still teetering on the brink of a depression in the eyes of a lot of ppl, so they ain't spending money on what basically comes down to a frivolity.

    Considering Xbox 1 only sold 24 Million I think the 360 has done very well for its self, and turned MS from a minor player to a major player.And Sonys monolithic 150 Million seller PS2 to the 60 Million PS3 must be a dissapointment to someone at Sonys head office.
    The real winner is the Wii at 90 Million, Putting Nintendo from last place last Gen to first this Gen.

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