All This Avengers Hype Makes Me Wish This Video Game Was Released…

All This Avengers Hype Makes Me Wish This Video Game Was Released…

Despite the fact I live 20 metres away from a cinema, I still haven’t had the chance to see The Avengers yet. But all this hype has got me wondering precisely why THQ spent $16 million acquiring the license, then countless more millions developing the game, only to cancel it. Particularly when the pre-alpha footage looked so solid.

The Avengers game was the final project THQ Studio Australia was working on before its closure last year. When I was informed the game was actually shaping up well, I was cynical, but it did actually look like a well put together video game. This footage is pretty old — we first had a look at it last September — but I thought since everyone is going Avengers nuts at the moment, it might be worth revisiting.

For pre-alpha footage it looks great. The combat mechanics — particularly Iron Man’s — look well polished and, most importantly, fun.

Shame this never made it to market.


  • Go see the movie mark. You may be surprised. Despite the overhype, it’s a solid, well put together movie

  • The movie is fantastic…it’s genuinely funny and has great action. This cancelled game looks awesome, so that is a shame – the first person perspective has that sense of realism. Love the Hulk hands…I could imagine squashing some guy up close. Anyway…

  • Until seeing this I’d was as wary of an Avengers game as I am of all movie tie ins. I’m now brutally disappointed that’s not coming out, it looked incredible!

  • Awesome movie, and this looks like it would have been a perfect game throw in some multiplayer modes and they had a hit right there

  • Maybe because the development teams plan was to “Make a great Avengers game” rather then “Beat out CoD”.

  • My take was that THQ believed the money that would have had to be spent to finish the game on time and then market it (even after license fees and a full years development) would have outweighed it’s return on investment. Combine that with their strategy to drop the kids and licensed titles to focus on a few original IP’s, the bean counters probably thought that in the long term their money was better spent investing in the future of their own IP’s.

  • I can think of a couple of legitimate reasons why the game was cancelled, not that I agree with them.

    First and foremost, this is definitely different from any other Marvel licensed game that I’ve ever seen and being an FPS has a ton of competition, even with the Avengers branding this would be a huge risk for THQ, if that was millions in development, the final product would have been millions more, better to cut your losses there than risk millions more, as a developer/distributor, this is a responsible decision. Plus, being a completely different experience from the Captain America, Thor, Hulk & Iron Man games, this could put a lot of casual gamer, comic book fans off.
    It looks incredibly violent, which I enjoyed, and not the cartoony violence of third person RPG (aka Ultimate Alliance) but looked much more realistic, and whilst I don’t think the Avengers is a kids brand, especially after that movie, there are parents who are stupid enough to buy a game like that for a 9 year old and then complain that it’s too violent. That can lead to huge backlash, especially when coupled with the R18 legislation and this being THQ Australia, likely THQ didn’t want this to be the flagship title for Australian video game development. But that’s just an idea

    That being said, looked really good and I’m disappointed it probably won’t see the light of day

    • “the final product would have been millions more, better to cut your losses there than risk millions more, as a developer/distributor, this is a responsible decision. ”

      You mean ‘boring’ decisions.

      • “You mean ‘boring’ decisions.”

        No, he means responsible decisions. In case you were unaware, THQ nearly went bankrupt (google it) at the start of this year and while they’re making a recovery, they’re still in a bad place. The game was cancelled because the ENTIRE STUDIO that was making it was cancelled. Part of the problem was the conversion rate of the Aussie dollar to the US dollar, that made the game incredibly unprofitable.

  • That game looks like it had promise, but not with that god awful FoV….why do they insist on giving console games fovs of like 50-60 degrees…yuck, hold your hands up in front of your face like they do in that movie and look at how ridiculous it is.

  • I don’t understand why this wasn’t released, even if it was terrible: every kid you saw the movie (so every kid) would have wanted the game. It was guaranteed profit.

    • For licenced games it’s pretty low. By the time you’ve started development you’ve already invested/promised a fair chunk of change to the licence holder. Canceling the title usually means paying another bailout fee, so it’s usually better to just keep on going.

      As Kotaku posted a while back, it cost THQ millions to cancel this game and the other licenced title that was in development at BlueTongue.

  • Man… what a DAMN shame.. Considering how much attention the movie and franchise is getting, the game tie in would have been perfect, and it actually looked cool.. even in PRE Alpha :S

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