Are You A Silent Assassin, Or Do You Want To Kill Everyone In Your Way?

Now that's a question that you'll only hear in a video game trailer. Or at least I hope you only hear it in a video game trailer. I bet Hitman: Absolution's Agent 47 gets that all the time.

He's in line at Wendy's, ordering a Frosty. They ask him if he wants fries with that (of course), is this for here or to go (for here, he likes the atmosphere), and whether he's a silent assassin or wants to kill everyone in his way (up to you). Then he looks up at the Wendy's cashier and realises that it's himself.

You know what the first gameplay trailer for Hitman: Absolution needs? No, not wigs. OK, wigs would be pretty cool. No, it needs a Frosty and some salty fries.

Maybe that's just me.


    Man... they're really playing up the cheap thrills, aren't they?

    I'm interested in at least trying this new game. I was a big fan of the first game, but after that it started losing my interest.

    I felt as though you had more freedom in the first game. You'd start scoping, form a plan, put it into action and things would either go right for you or you could improvise (i.e. kill) your way out of the situation. There were more opportunities to kill the local witnesses and continue the level.

    From 2 onwards it felt like you had to play the level once or twice to scout it out before you could put any kind of plan into action, and they were a lot less forgiving when things went wrong.

      I don't necessarily agree with that. I think Hitman has been fundamentally flawed in the sense that when your cover is blown that every person in the level seems to know who you are (which is a main feature they are changing in this game, i.e. the uncovering of your identity is only local to the people who physically see what you do). I am huge fan of this series, and I've played all of them to death ... Blood Money in particular (I know every level pretty much inside and out). I am way excited for this game. Not also have they brought in much needed elements, but the updated engine looks amazing IMO.

    This just looks like SC: Conviction with less hair, Disappointing.

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