Bungie's Next Huge Game Is An Xbox-Only 'Sci-Fantasy, Action Shooter', Court Records Show

The court case between Activision and developers Jason West and Vincent Zampella has brought all kinds of ugliness to light. But filings for the case have also made the details of the April, 2010 contract between Bungie and Activision a matter of public record, revealing Bungie's upcoming game development plans.

The L.A. Times reports that the 27-page contract outlines Bungie's agreement to develop four sci-fi, action shooter games to be released every other year starting in 2013, under code name "Destiny." The agreement also includes DLC plans, with four expansion packs code-named "Comet" due in the alternating years, beginning in 2014.

The contract also specifies that the first game is an Xbox exclusive, created for the Xbox 360 as well as potentially for its still-unnamed successor, called the "Xbox 720" in the documentation. Later games could also be released for the PS3 or its successor console, as well as for PC.

In 2011, word leaked that Bungie was working on Destiny. The developer then confirmed at GDC 2011 that they were developing a multiplayer title.

We have reached out to Activision to find out how much of the 2010 agreement is still planned, and will update if we hear back.

Activision Bungie contract unsealed in Call of Duty case [L. A. Times]


    Sounds kind of boring to be honest. I hope they manage to do something to mix up the shooter genre, the only one I even find entertaining anymore is Tribes.

      Am I the only one that knows that they took ideas from Halo and mix it with mass effect?

        That isn't saying much. The Mass Effect trilogy copied from a lot, and I mean a lot, of other games, books and movies.

          Mass Effect is basically Halo.

          Mass Relay = Halo
          Geth = Covenant
          Reapers = Flood
          Anderson = Arbiter

            I honestly can't tell if that comment is serious or not.

              I'm pretty awesome like that.

                Trolling aside, they do have similar premises: The Forerunners are a whole lot like the Protheans, and the Reapers are practically similar to the Flood. Plus, that whole "Giant space-construct draws sentient species together" thing...

                However, they're both fantastic series in their own ways, and I love them both. Unfortunately, this "Destiny" contract seems like Activision is preparing to milk another franchise dry, - before it's even begun - especially the tight schedule.

                  Activision is just hoping bungie can come up with something else as good as halo

    It could just be something really early in development that never sees the light of day, their would be hundreds upon hundreds of games in "development hell". http://goo.gl/PqH0w

    bungie arent good at evolution or originality.

    People wonder why I was never a halo fan, it's because I grew up lanning games like TERMINATOR SKYNET.

    When halo came along and people we're on about its revolutionary things everything just seemed ripped from skynet.

    The only original idea they had it was actually taken from the only game of theirs that has ever been truly awesome, and it was the concept of only being able to carry a certain amount of weapons.

    Frankly i'd rather see them follow up ONI..... to anyone who's a hardcore gamer of the old days we dont recognise halo as anything other then crack for the red cordial generation, we're still waiting for them to hash another gem.

      A lot of their concepts were taken from oni and past bungie games but I wouldn't say was a total rip of skynet. Plus by now almost everything has been done so it's hard for most studios to revolutionise genres.

        just annoys me when people call them revolutionary so much they believe it.

        Reminds me so much of going to school in the late 90's and having everyone go "Oh bill gates? that guy who invented computers"

        Which today is "OMG steve jobs was such a revolutionary omg i miss him"
        /what did he revolutionize
        "well he brought us the ipod"
        /yeah but so many others had made portable media devices first
        "he made sure all workers were paid fairly and was a very ethical businessman"
        /uh yeah mate he used whats practically slave labour over in taiwan / china
        "Well atleast he invented an easy to use screen cos before him computers were just lines of text and no one could use them"
        /actually that was xerox he just stole it from..... you know what go back to your crappy car with apple stickers all over it.

        Easier to write that up here then bashing bungie..... xbox fanboys NEVER back down if you start knocking halo...

        Anyway point being.... so many other great companies have had better ideas, originality and it gets cashed in for this.

          Don't like the developers, exercise your protest by not buying the game.

          So you honestly call FPS on console with Halo CE NOT a revolution?

          You also honestly call Halo 2 online multiplayer, parties and matchmaking on XBL not a revolution for consoles?

          Sure PC had major aspects of those features for ages but when players talk about revolution they mean the console style fire it up in 30 seconds, join a game in 30 seconds with your friends and be matched with fairly even games.

          At the end of the day that was a huge revolution. So much so that this long time PC gamer (15 years+) no longer players PC games and purely enjoys his xbox 360 online. I'm not the only one, hence the revolution.

          Uh, sorry to tell you, but Steve Jobs actually WAS a revolutionary.... and this is coming from someone who despises Apple. The music and movie industries have been changed because of his involvement in them. Ipods were what's called a "disruptive product" meaning it deliberately did something similarly to the competition, but different enough that it makes the competition obsolete. It's the same thing with the iphone. And casual gaming? LIke it or not it's here to stay, due in no small part to Jobs and his horrible iphones.
          It's kind of "cool" to hate on Jobs but I seriously respect that guy; much as I dislike his company's main lines of product.

            Jobs was a businessman who was exceptionally talented at manipulating and taking advantage of people who were more talented and intelligent than he was himself. It turns out that is the exact kind of person you want to run a tech company if you want to grow and make money. This doesn't mean he was a wonderful human being. It also doesn't make him Hitler.
            That's about all there is to it.
            People choose to idolize him or hate him. Doesn't mean either camp is 'more right'...

          should also mention steve jobs made all of his stuff as cheap as he could and sold it to people over priced

      Well, I grew up playing Marathon. Halo's multiplayer is actually pretty much a direct lift of that. Mostly the same weapons (they ditched the flamethrower last minute), very similar gameplay and even some of the original Halo MP levels were direct ports of Marathon levels. The single player is very closely inspired by Marathon too, even in small things like stronger versions of enemies wearing red armor instead of blue.

      Of course, it's fine for Bungie to steal the best parts of Marathon, since they also developed that game. More importantly:

      Marathon: 1994
      Terminator SkyNET: 1996

      Who made who?

      "Frankly i’d rather see them follow up ONI….. to anyone who’s a hardcore gamer of the old days we dont recognise halo as anything other then crack for the red cordial generation, we’re still waiting for them to hash another gem."

      Probably don't go trying to talk for a whole lot of people like that, it doesn't help your point at all. I've been playing FPS since Wolfenstein 3D and Doom and I'm a pretty big Halo fan. Whether it was "revolutionary" or not doesn't matter cause it was a well done FPS. Although if it came out anywhere near to it's original reveal videos back in 99 the vehicle interaction in it certainly would of been revolutionary.

      It would be very cool to see a follow up to Oni though.

    Sci fi action shooter? They might as well have stayed at MS and kept making Halo.

    Disappointing if true.

    People hating on a genre. /facepalm
    Get over it. You know you're gona play it when it comes out.

    As if Bungie WASN'T going to make a an action shooter. Idiots.

    I think we all knew it was going to be a sci-fi action shooter, what we're struggling with is what MMO-style means. People assume we're looking down the barrel of a subscription-based MMOFPS because Kotick would explode with joy if he pulled that off. On the other hand MMO-"style" could just mean something along the lines of MAG, but with more futuristic/sci-fi elements to it.

    I just hope it's not multipalyer only. That'd be a shame.

    believe it or not their roots lay in rpg elemented rts's.... wouldnt be a bad touch to see them revist their roots.

    haha I love that before the first game is already out, there's an annual release schedule and DLC announced. Gotta love Activision!

    So... now that this is kicking around.
    E3 announcement?

    I'm surprised that activision would want a new ip to be exclusive to one platform. They're all about flogging as many units as is possible. Could we see a surprise announcment of it @ MIcrosofts e3 conference?

    Interesting. I like the idea of the "expansion packs" here, it looks from the release schedule that this is more of the Painkiller-style bulky DLC than the usual schluck that pours out of the gaming industry these days. Other than that- hell, Bungie's sticking to what they know, and from what they've produced in the past, I ain't got too big of a problem with that.

    I looked at the link, as well as the MMO they're making a new Marathon.

    Well at least its not another "generic modern war shooter", there sticking to what they know, nothing wrong with that.

    Sounds like it might turn out to be just a Halo clone. After the first Halo, the games never really changed much and got more and more boring with each new one. They never did much new so I wont hold my breathe on this one...

    Odd that Activision would let anything be exclusive to one platform

    Halo is the reason that the FPS is the centerpiece genre of the modern consoles. If Bungie hadn't put XBOX on the map with Halo, I'd wager that a 3rd person action game would be the highest selling game in place of COD

      That is a place I would like to be.

    hi there i am hard core gamer play halo games mass efect and god of war games

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