Dark Souls Coming To Steam, Computer DLC Coming To Consoles

Dark Souls Coming To Steam, Computer DLC Coming To Consoles

Good news! The PC version of hard-as-nails Dark Souls is, oh yes, Steam bound. What’s more, the console versions will be getting PC exclusive content as paid DLC this winter.

Dubbed Artorias of the Abyss, the downloadable content be out this winter on the PS3 (US$14.99) and the Xbox 360 (1200 MS Points).

The PC version, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will be out August 24.

New Dark Souls Content Coming to Consoles [IGN via VG247]


  • This is awesome, I was bummed when I heard the PC version ran GFWL and was not going to get it, but if the dlc is coming to consoles I might hold onto my copy for a while longer.

  • I signed a petition for them to make a PC version of this game, but I’m not buying it on release day. I need to see if its a buggy console port or not, first… Still, I love the idea of this game. I love dying repeatedly.

      • Console developers migrating to PC (even if it’s with ports) should be encouraged. Especially smaller ones like From. I don’t like G4WL either, and I’m no stranger to piracy, but when it comes to games like this then I can’t excuse piracy.

    • I don’t get why they don’t just take it off, How hard can it be to NOT implement something.

      • Maybe because it handles the online system? I think it’s more their way of being cheap/ignoring their audience completely to save money.

  • YES! I have only been playing it for a few weeks on PS3, but I am still ready for more Dark Souls love.

  • Awesome, I’ve been thinking about going through the game again and was hoping for the new content to come as console DLC before I did.

  • Because it handles the whole online system? I think they chose it because it’s the easy/cheapskate option.

  • “What’s more, the console versions will be getting *PC exclusive* content as paid DLC this winter.”

    Something’s not quite right with that sentence…

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