Here's How John Carmack Will Put Doom 3 All Up In Your Face

"Support for head-mounted displays." That one little nugget about the upcoming Doom 3 BFG Edition stuck out like a sore thumb when this morning's news hit. If you wondered what that might look like, check out the video from the Verge, which shows giant goggles jerry-rigged by Doom co-creator John Carmack.

When a Verge commenter cast aspersion on the tech Carmack used for his head-mounted display, the man himself showed to slap away criticisms. Don't argue with a genius, kids.

'Doom 3' in virtual reality: we check out John Carmack's prototype head mounted display [The Verge]


    Well its nice to have some develpers give us a choice if we want to use 3D, as a 3D user its frustrating to see the lack of 3D support in 90% of games.

    So headset compatible... wiht headsets 5 years from release? What would I use with my PS3 copy?

    Good on them, they've finally made a simulation for situations where a gun is forcibly strapped to your face and you can only ever shoot where you're looking!

    But seriously, this shit looks cool and I want.

    Looks very cool. There are some games which kick arse in 3D - I'm looking forward to being able to try these goggles out.

    Just a heads up - It's Jury Rig - Not Jerry Rig.

    OT - I'd buy that for a dollar.

    Until HMDs are less weighty, cover a human peripheral view and are actually of a decent resolution...MEH, i'd prefer to skip them altogether and go straight to neural/nervous system interface VR. :)

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