Indie Game: The Movie Is Being Released On Steam

Indie Game: The Movie Is Being Released On Steam

Plenty of people have emailed me asking precisely how and when they’d be able to watch Indie Game: The Movie in Australia. I had actually emailed to find out. The answer back then was ‘we’re not sure yet’. Now they know — through Steam.

Have to say — I didn’t see that one coming. Starting from June 13, you will be able to purchase and watch Indie Game: The Movie through Steam. I’ve just gotten finished pre-purchasing it myself.

It’s sort of strange buying a movie on Steam — it’s constantly being referred to as a ‘game’ on Steam’s template — but at the same time, I can’t think of a better place to purchase it from. Can’t wait to watch it!


  • I’ve been mildly interested in seeing this for a while now. Was hoping that some local indie cinema was going to have a short run but this seems even better.

    There’s no way that I can avoid buying this through Steam. It’s pretty much the perfect way to get this movie out there.

  • Ouch. TBH I wouldn’t have spent the $30 to get tickets to see it at ACMI if I’d known I could be (legally) watching it in the comfort of my own home for $9 five days later.

    • No, I already saw it before it was cool, in a tiny theater that has been preserved since 1890, we drank lightly salted dishwashing liquid from rare seashells while observing the movie from our peripheral vision while engaging in conversation about things you’ve probably never heard of, because giving one’s full attention to any form of mainstream media is akin to selling one’s soul.

  • For those who don’t know and are in Melbourne, ACMI is doing a screening of this on June 8th. Buy tickets, they’re cheap and you’re supporting the great games initiative by ACMI!

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