James Bond And Dr. Goodhead Blast Their Way Through 007: Legends’ First Mission, Moonraker

It’s been a while since I was all that interested in Activision’s Bond games, but last year’s GoldenEye 007: Reloaded was a surprisingly fun roll down memory lane.

That game’s developer Eurocom is behind the upcoming 007: Legends, which will merge six classic bond films into one big story centering around a drowning Bond (Craig Bond, that is) as he remembers his past adventures. It’s a cool idea — rather than try to tell a new story with all the familiar Bond beats, they’re going to just use the classic Bond stories we already know, and let us play them.

This trailer shows footage from the first of six films that will be featured in the game, which will be the classic 1979 film Moonraker. That film starred Roger Moore as Bond and had the dubious distinction of featuring one of my favourite double-entendre Bond-girl names, Dr. Holly Goodhead.

While the graphics and character models in particular aren’t stunning or anything, the game still looks like fun; after all, the GoldenEye remake was originally a Wii game, and it was still a good time.

Activision promises that the next five missions/films will be revealed leading up to the game’s October release. Anyone taking bets on what those films will be? From Russia With Love? Dr. No? Surely Goldfinger will be in there…

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