Leaked Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Screenshots Apparently Confirm Futuristic Setting

Throwing more fuel on the Call of Duty: Black Ops II fire, here are a couple new screenshots apparently from the upcoming game.

Last month's leaked art images showed the gun-toting "quadcopter" that appeared in internet videos and on the game's website. The quadcopter also appeared in these latest screens, courtesy of Japanese site Doope.

Previously, Kotaku ran what is rumoured to be Black Ops II's poster and cracked the morse code on the Call of Duty website.

Details on the rumoured Black Ops sequel are scant, but supposedly, the still unconfirmed game is set in the future.

「Call of Duty」新作のスクリーンショットが流出、やはり近未来設定で確定か [Doope]


    with AR Drones in the Prestige Edition? SIGH

    Well i see a stealth bomber, UAV and is that....is that New York/ another similar US city in crumbles?
    If this is legit, then Black Ops 2 is really MW 2.6, and the beginning of the downfall of the franchise.

      The BEGINNING of the downfall? That started years ago, with Modern Warfare 2, and the franchise got completely destroyed with Modern Warfare 3.

      Sorry mate but MW2 was the beginning of the franchises downfall, they haven't made a good COD game since COD4

        COD4 was the last time I was really impressed with the franchise. A shame really.

          I personally have always enjoyed the Treyarch CoD's, and am looking forward to this especially after the shame Mw3 was.

            Probably because Treyarch actually care about their fans and want a balance multiplayer game.

              Wait, and Infinity Ward didn't?

              Treyarch's COD games definetly have more substance than Infinity Ward's lately.

                I can agree that Black Ops had more than MW2, but WaW was just a complete copy and paste of CoD4 in a WWII skin with tanks and zombies thrown in for good measure.

    How is this futuristic? Look at the firetruck, the cars. To me the copters look like smallish drones...

    Imma stick my neck out and say I enjoy the CoD games and this has piqued my interest. It would be interesting if they went in a prototypes and design dream sort of thing for the weapons and tech, using real world stuff that's not quite reality yet.

    I still say that CoD can only become more interesting if it's based on Star Wars.

    Don't care! You burnt me with MW3 and I shant be put in the same position. Fare ye well my old friend, fare ye well.

    Looks near future to me. Whaddayaknow, I'm actually intrigued. Well played, Treyarch.

    Eh, I've always gotten my money's worth out of every CoD game I've bought., I'm sure I will with this one, if I get some good bullpup guns, some fun maps and much more customisation I'll be happy.

    Seriously I'm calling it... 2 - 3 games max and we'll get a Guitar Hero situation where they'll try something absolutely outlandish then announce they're taking a break from CoD. Not gonna prejudge and say its crap, that'd be silly, but when you head to the future, it just seems like you've mined all the ideas from the past to hell.

    Popcorn - CHECK
    Pro Cods - CHECK
    Anti Cods - CHECK
    Fireworks are a go!

    I want CoD: Clone Wars, elite Clone Squads fighting it out with Battle Droids. On the CoD engine. That would be amazing.

    Looks like its set in a couple of years time, like Battlefield 3-TROLOLOL

    If it's near-future then it should feature something like this. In fact, this technology will make every gun in the game completely obsolete.


      Metalstorm is pretty much pointless in a rifle. The ammunition is stored inefficiently, reloading is more difficult, and the high rate of fire is pretty much pointless in any kind of personal weapon.

    It's the new Frontlines Fuel of War! But seriously I want a sequel to that

    Wow! Serious another CoD! Why? Actually how? These games are boring exactly the same as the last -.- it surprises me aswell that brain dead people still buy and play these games... Seriously try something different like opfp: dragon rising, I would say it has the best multiplayer ever it's quick to get into it's carnage and bloody intense. Also try ArmA: combat operations and ArmA2

    Wow... I'm actually somewhat surprised at these. I know I rant a lot about CoD but maybe they are actually mixing things up a bit here.

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