There's Morse Code On The Call Of Duty Website. Here's What It Says.

It's quick as can be, but there's an obscure teaser for Activision's next big first-person shooter on the Call of Duty website.

The concentric circles on the loading screen for contain morse code. You probably know what it says already, but it's safe to consider this a sneaky sort-of confirmation from Activision. (If not, watch the video above.) Kind of an anti-climax, given all the leaks that have trickled out, but Activision could surprise everyone by revealing something different.

[Thanks Carsten!]


    I spotted this a few days ago. Was surprised that it took so long to hit the media.

    Okay, we get it. Black Ops 2 is the next COD game being released for this year, somehow i feel that war-themed FPS are going to peak right afterwards unless there is some spectacular change of gameplay or anything different at all. Or maybe COD games will keep being churned out until or rather if Half Life 3 is alive

      as long as there are teenage boys there will be a COD each year

    I am a huge Call Of Duty fan.
    My friends and I played COD2 almost every single day, in 2006 there wern't too many FPS games that could match it.
    When COD 3 was released we all sold our copies and went straight back to COD2, yes it was that bad.

    Over the years I have grown tired of all the weapons, attachments, perks and prestige, we actually sometimes go back to COD2 because it is a more level playfield without the RPG elements.

    But I must say I am not excited by this title, they are simply pumping this out like clockwork.
    I could have told you in January that the next COD would be released in early November.

    The convoluted zombie game from Tryarch that has not even a hint or checklist to guide you through the tedious easter eggs hunt has lost it's appeal. The fact you go down with one swipe makes it no fun.

    Game mechanics have changed little with the player still falling off a ladder instead of snapping to the centre, climbing down ladders are still a problem, zipline in multiplayer were a waste (never used it).
    Lag issues are still not addressed why no host and decent server options?

    I am looking for alternatives and I have found them in Syndicate and Mass Effect 3. with Max Payne 3 to follow.

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