Tell Us Dammit: Why U No Draw Something?

I never started playing Draw Something — mainly because I've played games like that before, and I don't like the pressure of having multiple games I need to respond to. But the numbers for Draw Something have gone from stratospheric to mediocre in a remarkably short space of time. I was wondering — why do you think that is?

I did a quick survey on Twitter and had multiple different responses: lack of time, game got boring, I hate Zynga...

But I was wondering — why did you guys/girls quit playing? And what are your thoughts on the insane transience of games like Draw Something, which can go from being the most popular thing in the world, to a dead fad in a matter of weeks?

At least I got a cool Facebook profile pic out of it!


    Thats's an accurate description of how you look.

    Got very boring very quickly. A game like that shouldn't double up on words for a very long time. Yet after a few weeks of playing it I was seeing no new words.
    It becomes a chore when you have to draw submarine for the 20th time.
    Also sometimes I found it way too easy, since the letters are given to you. I found isketch far more fun, but that's not as quick or as "portable".

    I have a BlackBerry.

      Someone is a bit of a loner.

        I'm content.

          Or not up with the times.

            Or... content.

              Or not up with the times. You now RIM is about to die?

                Or content.

                  man, they're really trying to get you to bite. I salute you sir! A man should be content with his phone choice.

                  Why is this Cheesus guy still around?

              I too have a blackberry. See, i prefer my games to be on a platform properly designed for them, so when it comes to using my phone, it's only purpose is calling and texting. also, the reason I bought a blackberry of all phones is that i prefer a qwerty keyboard for texting, well, for what little texting I do.

                I presume you mean a physical keyboard, since the iPhone (and I presume every other touchscreen phone) uses an on-screen qwerty keyboard.

    I still play it, just not daily like I was.

      I'm the same here. Whenever I was a fun escape for a few minutes... But then I also have iFighter, Jetpack Joyride and heaps of other games that need some love too.

    Drawception is far more fun

      Last time when Kotaku posted about Drawception, someone mentioned Doodle or Die in the comments. I've been hooked on that ever since >_>

    Its a bit bugged at the moment for me.
    My bought colours have all disappeared and my bombs have too.
    That and drawing ANYTHING on the iPhone with any accuracy is extremely hard.
    I might play it more if i had am iPad (which i would never get)

      I've been playing on the iPad - I find it relaxing to play for 5 mins before bed. It's easier to draw on an iPad, but not that fun a game.

    I think it's fun if you ply with someone who puts some effort into their drawings, or if you're friends with them. Apparently the paid version has more words and options to stop the double up? I imagine using a tablet to draw with would make the whole experience more enjoyable.

    Also, it takes ages (relatively) to load. The update has made it slightly better but it's not an app that just fires up and gets going (on a galaxy s2)

    Dan got it right on Twitter. Too many repeated words and constant badgering just made it stop being run.

      +1 for repeated words.

        +2, this is the same reason most of the people I play with stopped as well, they could easily add 100,000 new words and i'd never see a repeat again, but since they apparently cbf doing that i cbf playing their game

    I never bothered to play it - it was basically just another Fad in my eyes.. which is exactly what it turned out to be.

      I agree it is/was a fad and there'll probably be no one playing it in another month, but for 99 cents it's not like I was looking for a long term investment. Let's face it, how many modern games you paid $70-$100 for are you still playing more than two months later?


    It takes forever to load up. Boringgggg.

    I never played it for the same reasons. However my opinion on why it dropped numbers might not be as easy to relate. I think that today's idea of "applications" with mirco-transaction makes it far too easy to move on and find something else. Also people's "reviews" on an application claiming it's "so addictive" is far from accurate. Playing a game for 2 minutes and being entertained isn't a sign of a game being addictive. Playing a game so much that you don't even released you've missed something important, or that you are actually very hungry, or that it's 6 hours later when you thought if had been 20 mins; that's an addictive game.

    TL;DR Has no depth, and being able to buy the next so called "game" for a dollar makes it pretty easy to move on.

    The only time I really play mobile games is when I'm travelling to work & drawing pictures with your index finger while standing on a tram is not an easy task to accomplish.
    There were no real accomplishments for persisting with the game either. This is something that I'm sure Zynga is going to correct, along with the games limited vocabulary.
    Finally & this might just be me but I find that all iOS games get tired very quickly. They lack substance & don't require any skill to master, this might just be me though.

    Because of Zynga, but also the game didn't really have a point. You built up a streak but that was it.
    Also it demanded a lot of time from the player and wasted a lot of it with long-ass transitions.

    I think the fact that it was too easy to cheat killed it in the end... Great premise but when everyone who finds it slightly challenging resorts to writing the answer, Game = Broken .

    I still play it, but the people I play it with seems to have gotten bored with it. I managed to get enough coins to buy a new set of colours (green and brown zomg!), so I guess I can stop playing now lol

    It's just so buggy for me and it takes forever to load on a 3G connection - might also be vodafone's problem...also highly obscure cultural references make it kinda sucky.

    I haven't quit, but I think I've cut back a bit. now that my wife is playing with someone other than me she's not as reliant on me for coins for colour packs.

    I have a lot of games going at the moment, but they update perhaps once a day if at all, as I think my of my friends have lost interest. It is starting to get dull but I think if you don't play it obsessively it just becomes a thing to do when waiting for the train or whatever.

      Sorry buddy! I am still interested, I just forget about it for days at a time.

        Haha, not just you. You're pretty reliable in comparison to some people.

        I also just recently added a group of friends who've only just jumped into it, so my interest has been renewed by late adopters.

          amg I will send you a drawing right NAOW

        Oh McGarnical, you are the worst player in Draw Something.

    To make it better
    - hardcore mode with no letters (or the ability to hide letters until drawing complete)
    - more difficult words (ie. more abstract nouns or adjectives)
    - zoom
    - 2 layer drawings
    - more than 2 players.

    there's just no point to it - no competitive scoring, no added incentives - ie none of the things that Zynga brought to scrabble, hangman or boggle? It does have scope, but the lexicon needs expanding and the contests tougher if they want to keep people playing

    Oh yes, and life bans for people who just write "girl wizard from harry potter" on the screen instead of trying to draw her...

    Words kept repeating, even after paying a buck for the expanded version.

    Plus I binged on it over Easter.

    I stopped cause it wanted to start posting on my behalf on my Facebook page. It wouldn't let me play unless I said yes

    Zynga suck. My wife loved the app a few months ago, but lately I think she's over it.

    Please Mark, no memes.

    The worst part about Draw Something is that as a guy who owns a "dumb" phone so to speak, I completely missed out on the craze. I guess I'll always have iSketch.

    yeh i got bored of it pretty quickly when it started re-using the same words. Of course u can buy more words... and i can only play this on the ipad, the iphone screen is way too small for my fat fingers.

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