That Sure Looks Like A Final Fantasy Logo

That Sure Looks Like A Final Fantasy Logo

For the Final Fantasy role-playing games, the logos are iconic. You can spot them a mile away and immediately recognise them. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII is no exception, which makes this kwinky-dink all the more noticeable.

Level-5, which has developed several titles for Square Enix, is working on a new multi-platform game called Time Travelers. Online in Japan, people are pointing out that the Time Travelers‘ logo “looks like Final Fantasy“. While it’s not a straight up knock off, there are certainly shades of Final Fantasy in it.

But, honestly, it’s difficult to make a role-playing game in Japan without having shades of FF in it. It seems the same is true of logos.

このロゴFFっぽいよね [2ch]


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