The Essence Of DayZ, Captured In A 3-Minute Video

So much of what makes DayZ so enjoyable to play is in the intangibles. You can't sum it up in bullet-points, or just say "it's fun", you need to experience a night in the dark with no food or water, on the run from both the living and the dead, to really get a handle on things.

Or you could watch this clip. Because for every epic 12-hour survival tale you'll have, you'll have another experience just like this one.

Day Z: IRL [YouTube]


    Day Z has fan films now?
    Well that confirms it, it's 2012's Minecraft.

    My PC struggles so bad with this game it's ridiculous.

      Your name suggests that I should not believe that statement

        Your name suggests you lick dogs. What about pussy's? Does this change your orientation? Should I trust or distrust you for your suggested bestiality?

          The name isn't LickingPuppies it's PuppyLicks, as in puppy licks are awesome.
          C'mon who doesn't like getting licked by a puppy?
          And don't go making this weird and sexual or anything

            hehe.. where?

      Alright it runs perfectly...

      Which means it doesn't.

    Just got done with my first play, first act of kindness got me killed haha.

    Never trust another player, if they see you first they will shoot you and you will lose hours or days worth of achievement. Only trust your friends.

    I'd play, but then my foolproof survival techniques would go viral world wide.

    it's exciting to me to see DayZ and ArmA get traction in popular media, for a long time now modding has just not been a thing in most computer games. The Battlefield series might not be where it is today without mods like Desert Combat, but modding isn't really a thing that is popular with BF3.

    ArmA 3 with its' graphical updates, powerful editor and strong existing mod community might just see a game series truly deserving show everyone what gaming on a computer is all about.


    Pfff, everyone knows you start with a PMm, not an M9.

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