While You Were Sleeping

Waking up sucks. Boy oh boy does it suck. Especially on a Monday. Luckily we have a reason for you to get up — video game news! Wait — where are you going? COME BACK!

Another week, another rumour about next generation consoles. I usually try to avoid discussing this kind of thing, especially given the scattershot approach of most sites regarding these rumours. Sure, maybe one of them might be accurate — but 90% are probably false. That said — our very own Logan Booker put this one together, so I have a little more faith here. Are Microsoft already building the new Xbox?

PlayStation All-Stars — to a certain extent I think you could probably guess most of the line-up, and I would have said that Cole from InFamous would have been part of the roster. This just confirms it. What I'm really looking forward to is seeing which third party characters make the cut!

This one's interesting — Ubisoft has had to reverse the Far Cry 3 cover to make room for classification info! I don't think it makes that much of a difference, but still... weird.

What does the US military think of 'militainment'? And, speaking of 'militainmen', did Black Ops 2 choose a media spokesperson that actually failed the real life Call of Duty?

In Short InFamous Actor Gets Back In The Mo-Cap, Tips Off Battle Royale Appearance Rumour: Microsoft Has Begun Building The New Xbox? See Video Game Covers In The UK Are Like This And In Australia They're Like This What Does The US Military Think Of Militainment? Rant: Black Ops 2 Chooses Someone Who Failed The Call Of Duty


    Really, back to the cats?
    How about we have like cute animal day?
    Monday Cats, tuesday dogs, etc?

      Cat's are awesome. Every day should be cats...fluffy ones, semi fluffy, no hair at all. Never dogs.

    Dude today is Labour Day. It wouldn't matter much to you though Mark you seem to love your job. Happy for you bro :)


      It's not in Sydney :(

    Jason Statham is going to kill that kitten...

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